The Capital Going Down

By Ava Generale

Cause of this Catastrophe

America has been trading with Great Britain and France. Great Britain is mad that America is trading with France and France is mad that America is trading with Great Britain. It is an outrage and America didn't know what to do. Great Britain also stole American sailors. Whenever they needed or wanted sailors they hop on a boat, chain some sailors, and throw them in their boats. They mainly took sailors after war when they have lost soldiers. They took some sailors to be king Goerge's slaves.

The Capital incident

What had happend

It all started out on sea. we got some victories and the British got some victories but not for long. Though the United States tried to invade Canada. The french were not in this war for it was only between the British and the Americans. The British planned an attack on the Washington Capital. They marched to the Capital and burned the whole thing down with flames. 71 people died that day.
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some important people

Tecumseh, an important Native American. Dolly Madison, James Madison (president), Thomas Jefferson, William Henry Harrison (governor of the Northwest Territory)

The end of the war

The peace treaty

At the end no one was winning so they signed a peace treaty. Before it got across the pacific there was a big fight for New Orleans. Pirates and leaders were in this battle. The Americans won. After that there was peace for they found out about the treaty.