Culture Notes

Fishing boats

Along the beautiful island of Martinique are many traditional fishing boats that are used for racing. People from all over the world come to see these beautiful boats.

Music and Dance

Music and Dance in Martinique are a big part of life. Much of the music is from the time of the first africans that were slaves. The songs usually rhyme and the dance steps are still the same to this day

Languages of Martinique

In Martinique there are two main languages spoken and these are French and Creole. Some common responses in creole would be:

Oui/Non Ouai/Han-Han

Je ne peux pas/ Mwen pe pa

Pas question!/Awa!


Carnival is a well known tradition in french speaking countries. It's celebrated with dancing, parades, music, feasting and colorful costumes. It takes place the week before lent and ends Ash wednesday.