Ms. Patty's Exciting Education!!

Live, Love, Learn at Ms. Patty's education!

The kids grades Kindergarten through fourth will learn and love education.

Our teachers are certified to teach grades from Kindergarten through fourth grade. All kids are provided with the technologies below. We find very fun and interesting ways to help the kids to learn like videos and fun games.

Learn with our amazing technologies.

Technologies that we might use later

Sometime in the future grades or sometime in the year we will eventually use 3D printers. our school will soon purchase one of these so we can stop using just plain paper with ink.

This is what our teachers and schools have and provide

All these qualities are guaranteed in our teachers. If someone does not have these qualities, we will definitely take care of it and have all our students happy and excited for education.
How to motivate today's students, have effective teacher collaboration, and improve grades