ILEAP Voices 4 Choices!

Your Voice, Your Choice

Small groups of ILEAP Friends, doing things together!

ILEAP Voices 4 Choices (V4C) Programme

The History

In 2005 we had a young man come along to one of our activities who told us he liked the activity but didn't want to be in a large group, with lots of people he didn't know.

He told us he didn't have many friends, so we suggested that he stay for a few sessions until he got to know everyone and then tell us who he got on well with.

Once we knew his friendship group, we asked him what he would like to do and who his favourite workers were.

We then arranged for this same group of new friends to go along to his chosen activity with the requested workers.

How it Developed

We quickly learned that their were lots of people who would love to go out with a small group of friends to Concerts, Shows, Theatre Trips, Days Out. So we introduced Voices 4 Choices (V4C).

V4C groups have been to see Peter Pan, Disney on Ice, S Club 7, Cadbury World to name just a few.

How it works today

Get in touch and tell us what you would like to do and who you would like to do it with and we will make it happen.

You choose a member of Staff you get on well with and they help you to organise your special day.

After the success of a number of V4C sessions, we added the catchphrase

"Making Memorable Moments that make a Difference!"

The Brucey Bonus

Not only is it more Fun to do things with your Friends but because you are sharing the cost of the Worker between your Friends it works out a lot cheaper for you, than having a 1:1 take you to an activity on your own

The Costs

An ideal group size is 6 Friends and 2 workers.

In this scenario it would cost just £6 per hour per person.

The cost of the transport and the ticket entry to the chosen activity will be also be shared between the group.

It also costs £10 per academic year to join the Charity, and once a member you can enjoy our reduced rates and programmes such as V4C

Please visit for further information and get in touch