Curriculum Connections

News from Ms. Welch, CST - Aug. 14-18

Upcoming Events:

Aug 14 - BAS window opens

Aug. 15 - BAS training Ms. Loftus' room @2:45pm

Aug. 17 - Staff Mtg

Aug. 18 - Back to School Bash 5:30-7:30

Aug, 18 - Send your class schedule to Welch/Batley/Heibel

Aug. 21 - School Governance Mtg. 7:15am

Aug. 21 - Solar Eclipse - extended day/dismissal

Aug. 23 - Picture Day

Aug. 24 - Curriculum Night 5:30-8

Aug. 25 - BAS scores due by 3pm

Assessing New Students

I'm working on releasing tests for your new students. Please let me know if you see an outlier that may need to be tested for accelerated levels or more support. If you have a student that you feel is misplaced, please notify me as soon as possible!

BAS Training & Testing Window

BAS testing window opens on Monday Aug. 14 and ends Aug. 25. A link will be sent via email so you can enter BAS scores in online. Scores need to be in by 3:00 August 25.

If you missed the BAS training, please schedule a make up appointment with Ashley Loftus or Heather Welch.

Caring for your BAS Kits

I've purchased a few more BAS kits. I must account for all textbooks and resources like the BAS kits so I need your help caring for your materials.

Please, please, please keep all of the contents of the kit together!

Each kit costs $385 and there were 3 incomplete kits turned in to the textbook room last year. Until we locate the books, the kits are useless.

Do not mix the BAS kit books with your classroom library books. When students read the BAS kit books, it should be the first time they have seen/read the book ("cold read").

You should not necessarily have 2 kits. You should have the one most students will score in for your grade level and the other kit(s) should be shared amongst the grade level.

See me with questions.

Textbooks & Resources

You should have a set of textbooks for science, ss, math (teacher editions/kit) in your classroom. If you need additional materials/resources, please let me know. If you are new and are not sure of all of the resources ask your mentor/grade chair or I can help you!
Curriculum Night Resources

Click here for Curriculum Night resources

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