January 1, 2021

Dear Faithful Families,

Happy New Year! We made it to 2021! I hope all of you are well and ready to come back to school. School begins Monday Dec 4......

WE now have two sanitizing fogger machines to keep the school as clean as possible. We will continue checking temperature every morning and it is mandatory that a parent fill out a covid form every morning stating your child has not been exposed to anyone known to have covid and that your child exhibits no covid symptoms. We ask that you please keep your child at home if you have any concerns so that covid does not enter our school and we can continue to stay open. If your child is absent, please notify me on dojo by 8:30 am so that your child's teachers can be informed and please have your child see their google classroom for all assignments for that day. (This excludes younger students in Dan and Benjamin tribes). Let us know why your child is staying home and possibly how long they will be out so we can help them with their school work online.

We have realized that with cold weather it is easiest for parent drop off to be at the side door of our chapel room we have been using. Please continue to drop your child there unless it is raining and drop them under the carport. It is crucial that your child arrives to school no later than 7:55am to order lunch, put their bags away and be ready for chapel that starts promptly at 8:00am. IF your child is not at school by then they will not be able to order a lunch so be prepared to provide one for them. All students arriving to school after 8am will need to enter through the front doors of the school so as not to be an interference once chapel begins. Please ring the doorbell and a teacher will run to the front to let you in.

We regret that our Christmas fun day on Thursday Dec 17 had to be cancelled due to covid. We would like to semi-make up this day by allowing students to wear their Christmas pajamas (or any pjs) to school this monday Jan 4th! It will be a full academic school day but at Morning break we will serve hot chocolate and hot baked cookies to all the students from their teachers!

We hope to have a great second half of the school year, that everyone stays well and no covid and all smiles!

In HIS direction and light,

Rhonda Sparks-Daley

Important Information!

1. Tuition due date is extended. Because we don't go back to school till Jan 4, we will extend tuition due dates from Monday Jan 4 through Thursday Jan 7. Late charges will begin on Jan 8. Please pay by check in the front office, at Parent drop off/Pick up or by placing in the school mailbox in an envelope. If you pay tuition by semester, then your second payment is due this week as well.

2. Due to covid and the holidays we were unable to give high school students their exams. These have been rescheduled - Mid term exams Jan 19 & 20th. Students will be reviewed and prepared prior to taking exams. No worries!

3. Semester reports will go out after Mid term exams to all parents in all tribes by email on Jan 28. It is also time for mid year conferences. You will be contacted during the month of January by one of your students teachers to set a day and time for a conference. This one conference will cover all subject areas.

4. Spring semester will officially begin Jan 25. We are excited about the new semester. The teachers just had a faculty meeting this week planning out the semester and preparing for whatever Covid may bring. IF we are required or need to close school for any covid reason, we now have our google classroom live platform set up and teachers are trained to school online if necessary in order not to lose any more school days. Students will be shown how to use this platform when they return to school and directions will also be posted for parents of younger children. We hope that this doesn't happen but it's best to be prepared always.

5. Another fundraiser cancelled. Bad news!! F.A. Chili cook off Monday Jan 25 is cancelled due to covid.

*Since all of our fundraisers have been cancelled due to covid, Please be sure you are mailing you fundraisers letters you received in your packet. It's beneficial if your child includes a personal letter in with the fundraiser letter before sending. This fundraiser is much needed in order to keep our tuition cost down and continue to provide quality teachers for your child. IF you need more fundraiser letters and brochures just ask! WE have plenty and will get more for you.


Thank you to all of you that are sending out your letters! We have had some huge donations even through the holiday season. I have worked with my son Jonathan on writing up a letter and we have picked 10 people he will send his letter to in the next few weeks. These are people who have supported him through the years like family, cousins, parents of old friends, dads friends, moms friends, grandmas friends... I know it is hard to ask for donations so what better person to do it than your child!

I have attached a copy of Jonathan's letter so you can get an idea of what we are attaching to the colored fundraising letter and Faithful brochure. CLICK HERE to see his letter.

Thank you so much for helping with this event. Without any of our regular fun-fundraisers, this will help Faithful to continue to be an incredible experience for our children. As this years fundraiser chairperson call me personally if I can help you in any way, 409-673-6828.

Good luck and set your goal today!

Michelle Miller