The DeLaPaz Dazzler

December 11. 2015

This week in 3MD

We had a very busy week here in our classroom. The kids work on Greek and Latin Roots with their spelling and a fun crafty activity. We also reviewed all of the unit 2 skills throughout the week. The book fair was a success. Many students were able to go down and shop during the day. We did a good job keeping our money and belongings safe!

Next week we have a lot of fun planned. We are going to spend some time with our fourth grade friends with Mrs. Hassels. We have our winter party scheduled for 11:00-12:20 on Thursday. Then we have our Polar Express Day on Friday. Kids will be informed about this next week so please don't say anything yet. Thank you for all of the donations!

Hour of Code

This week our school and class took part in the hour of code. This is an amazing program to encourage kids to get into computer science. The kids were able to design what characters from popular games would do to complete a mission. We then took it to the next level by completing the Tynker program. This is more designing. The students had a blast. There is a link on Haiku to keep working on coding!
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This week in reading we had a review week and we had to re-read the stories of unit 2. We had to take a very Hard test. It is either a ccr test or a 40 question test.This week we have 10 spelling city assignments that are always due Friday every week. Each week we have a spelling practice with all of are words in are planner each week. Every Monday we have to take a spelling pre-test for spelling and then we will know if they are on challenge words if you get a 100 percent.


Katie Ferrara

Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

This week we took are math test.We also got to do a Story problem.We also took a math pretest on Thursday.We also did some math boxes this week.By Daniel

Math- Mrs. Busky

In math we learned about partial product method. You would do it like partial addition but multiplying. We also learned about rounding for multiplication. Like if you hade 567 you would round it up to 600 and if you had 7 you would round it up 10. Your question would be 600 multiplied by 10. If you had to multiply 567 by 20 first multiply 20 by 500 then 20 by 60 and then 20 by 7. Then add all the results to get the answer. Mrs.Busky has been gone so Mrs.Eilers has been substituting. By: Zaid


By Aidan

In science we made a maze to make cotton balls get through the maze so we can get it down a ramp, go around a curve, and have a stopping point. We had to make a hole ton of adjustments to make the cotton ball to go through the maze. It turned out that we also needed to use a ping pong ball, but it got stuck because it was to big for the maze. It turned out all the mazes were good and we were happy when it worked.

This was made by Aidan Larson


In writing we have been working on singalar possessive nouns. We are also learning about plural possessives nouns. We learned a lot about possessive nouns and hope to learn more! We have done work sheets and other things to help learn about them.

By: Madelyn Stien


Madison P.E

In P.E we do cup stacking. You can do a 3-3-3-3 a 3-3-3 a 3-6-3 a 6-6 and a 1-10-1. The whole cycle is a 3-6-3 then a 6-6 and then a 1-10-1 and then it goes back into back into a 3-6-3.



In music we are learning to play are recorders.I like to play them.We learned B A C.

B is one fingers.A is two fingers.C is three fingers.We also learned how to use our tungs.

By caleb


This week in art we are making a weving project and to day we made the strips.Next week we will see some picturesand we MIGHT start to weev.