Coding 4-5A

MP4 Week 1

Using Variables to Trigger Events

Desert Rally Race!

Watch the Virtual Lesson Recordings if you missed chat!
  • There is no Question of the Week!
Program the obstacles to trigger the life variable
  • Condition: If touching car, then change life by -1
Program the life variable to trigger the car sprites
  • Condition: If life is less than (<1), then car blows up
Next up:
  • Can you program the car sprites to randomly fly out of the car when the variable is less than 2-4 (<2, <3, <4)?
Virtual Lesson Recording: 3/29

Programming the obstacles!

Virtual Lesson Recording: 4/5

Programming the car sprites!

This script is in one forever loop!

Give it a try:

Using the same program for the Fabu & Pele

  • Drag and copy Gobo's program onto Fabu and then Pele. You'll need to change only a few things. What do you think they are? Think variable!

New to the course?

  • You do not need to complete this mission! I will be sending you a course information with a different mission to get started programming using Scratch!

See you in cyberspace!