Where will you go in the USA?

The three city in the USA

We first city is San fransico.

San fransico is in the Califonia. We wil go to AT&T park.

Because we like San fransico giants.

And AT&T park is very beautiful baseball park .

San fransico have a beautiful beach and nature. We think very exciting!

Know Your Ballpark: Exploring AT&T Park & San Francisco

We second city is Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is very famous city in USA. We like many Hollywood movie. Than we will go to hollywood. And watching many movie relation product.

In addtion , We go to la dodgers stadium. Because this team have a korean monster

Ryu Hyeon Jin. We are baseball fan. We want to meet Mr. Ryu.

Virtual Trip - Los Angeles - USA

We third city is New York

We going to third city is New York. New York is very big city in USA.

New York have many culture festival and sky scraper.

We think this is magnificent sight.

And we want to watching Empire state Building. We think Empire state Building is very

high. we go to top and watch the underground is very exciting.


Who are we?