Out of My Mind

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In the novel Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper, the main character is Melody. Melody has a disability. She can not speak nor walk. She can't even control herself from time to time. So therefor, the daily life of this family is not easy. Most people including doctors, physical therapist, and even her own family thinks she purposely messed up things. When in reality, she only tries to help out.


Will Melody ever be able to walk or talk? Find out by reading this Novel.

Book Reviews

Book Review #1

"i think this book was absolutely amazing. It really stops and makes you realize how important it is to not judge and see the world through different eyes. It not only does it help you understand but it makes you appreciative of your life and the privileges that you have. It was a very well written book."

~ BookBrowse

Book Review #2

"Parents need to know that Coretta Scott King Award-winning author Sharon M. Draper's Out of My Mind is narrated by a girl with cerebral palsy who's very intelligent but unable to express herself verbally or physically. When Melody is integrated into some general classes at school, many kids are purposely mean; others, including teachers, are cruel through their assumptions that Melody is incapable of understanding them. With the help of her parents and some supportive friends and teachers, Melody acquires a machine that allows her to communicate better than she ever has before. This gains her a measure of peer acceptance -- but also opens her up to hurt when she realizes she can never really be like everyone else. Ultimately, Melody's self-acceptance, sense of humor, and loving nature are inspiring."

~Common Sense Media

Book Review #3

"Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper is about a disabled girl (11 years old) named Melody with a photographic memory. She has a lot to say and can't say it due to her disabilities. She has cerebral palsy and cannot move properly either. She can't talk, write or speak and everything is stuck in her head. She learns the same alphabet every year at school and can't speak up. She then finds a machine that will change her life. She'll have a voice. Not everyone wants to hear her words. What do people say? Well you'll have to read it yourself.

This book is written from Melody's point of view and Melody describes her life and new voice. Her feeling are described really well and it brings a lot of feeling into the message that disabled people have thoughts too and are like other people even if they can't express it.

This book is a New York Bestseller and has many great reviews. A lot of them described the book as moving and very touching. It teaches us how hard it is to live with cerebral palsy.

I'd recommend this book to everyone because it's really important to understand. A lot of people make fun of people with disabilities and this book will change their minds. These people with disabilities deal with more hardship than the average person and are made fun of while doing so.

This is definitely a great book and I look forward to reading more of Sharon Draper's books. Her ideas are great and very thoughtful of real world situations."


Vocabulary Symbols

  • Problematic~ Melody can be a problematic child at times. This also causes stress on her parents.
  • Misconceived~ Melody is often misconceived by most anyone that meets her. Nobody really know that she actually tries to make things better.
  • Astute~ Melody is actually very astute. She just can't explain what she knows because she can't talk. So, most people jump to the conclusion that she not intelligent only because she has a disability.

Video About Cerebral Palsy


Out of My Mind mostly takes place at Melody's house and at school. When Melody is not at her house or as school, she is usually at the doctors office getting tested to see how intelligent she has become. This takes novel takes place around present day.