Peek of the Week Sept. 19th

Would you like to be a student in your class?

Principal Message


I have enjoyed visiting some of your classrooms this week and I enjoy the student engagement that your planning provides. Great teachers have learned to listen to their students. Being a facilitator of student's learning is more difficult that just being a teacher to them. I challenge you to always reflect on who is doing the talking most of the time. There is a time to talk and a time to listen, but don't become the "Charlie Brown" teacher you dread to become and continue to find opportunities for student to engage in purposeful talk. You are doing a great job!

Great news! I have a plan!

I'm not sure if me having a plan is great news for everyone; however, Tami and I have discussed a way to facilitate goal setting for this year. In efforts to not reinvent district and school initiatives and support the ones we currently have, our goal for individual goal setting this year would be to support Fundamental Five while supporting your growth and development in the area of student engagement and instruction (T-TESS). Fundamental Five is not a new concept and it applies to all teachers k-12 in the area of effective instruction. If you have already written your goal, do not panic; our individual meetings will address those. If you have not written your goal on the previous template provided or on Eduphoria, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT IT yet. Instead, we will provide you with guidance when we meet. The only thing you will need to be familiar with is Fundamental Five, and we will provide you with a short review. Don't panic if you have not see the evite come through, Tami and I will be sending them soon. Take a breath and know we are in this together this year!
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Grade Level Printer

Please make sure you have access to the grade level printer and ask Mrs. Garner if you need new ink. Most grade levels are locating the grade level in their workrooms to allow all to access without interrupting a classroom. We hope everyone is connected.

PLT's Monday

Please plan to meet during PLT time on Monday. We will meet in the RTI room. Bring your Know your Kids Binder.


Student Class Profiles/concerns

Student DATA

Attendance Incentives

Primary: DRA/MEDC/Istation/MAP


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Fall Pictures

Mrs. Atkins will be sending a schedule for pictures on Monday. Thank you!

Faculty Meeting this Tuesday until 4:45 p.m.

Be there to celebrate and learn! Snacks will be provided.



State of Lomax Accountability

Fundamental Five

Attendance Goals


Great vertical team meetings and collaboration this week and all those who chaired and participated.

Kuddos to Kinder who worked really diligently to create a purposeful scope and sequence for phonics and word study. Ms. Trosclair, we appreciate your leadership!

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Please pass the key or return it if you don't know what to do with it! We are missing them!