May 27th, 2016

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere." ~Chinese Proverb

Language Arts by Alexandra

In Language Arts this week we started and completed two poems. We did our ode to fifth grade poem and our Pantoum poem. It's was super fun and I loved everybody's poems. They were very creative and fun to do.

Science by Joseph

In Science, we learned about plants, their parts, and what are the layers of a leaf. We drew a diagram about them. We also watched a video about how plants use photosynthesis to make their own food. We learned that plants filter carbon dioxide and produce oxygen.

Social Studies by Lorenzo

This week our class presented their State Project. Everyone did an outstanding job presenting their states. . People tried to sell their vacation package to their state and everyone had fun.

Specialties by Sara

Spanish- In Spanish we translated our names to Spanish and talked about what we would do for our part. We also went over vocabulary and worked on a weather sheet for a city that speaks Spanish. We had to say what they wear there, the weather, and the temperature. The next day we watched a movie for our Spanish party.

Music- In music we watched the other classes music videos and our completed version. Once we finished we watched music videos of some of our favorite songs. It was really fun to see what everybody else did and see what kind of music other people like.

PE- On the first day of PE we read a part in a book about staying healthy and drinking water. After reading we answered questions that were based off of what we read. If you got the questions wrong you had to do some exercises. Then, we played a fun game to teach us a little more about how much water we should be drinking. If you lost you had to do exercises.

FIERCE- We didn't have FIERCE because of Run To The Park. We still turned in our recipe books but we didn't have a full period because we had to leave early.

Art-In Art we did a painting/drawing of nothing in general. It was more of an abstract art. We did random lines then filled it in with crayon or spiny which we made different shades of color with. It was really fun and lots of people's came out really well.

Library- We weren't able to have library because of Run To The Park. If we did go we would have celebrated out Harry Potter party and would have been sorted into different houses and try different foods.


May 31st-Field Day-Wear Class Color!

June 1st-Middle School Dance-6-8:30 @ Bridgeway Boathouse 3650 South Port Parkway, West Sacramento. Dress is semi formal: girls-dresses, boys-button down shirt, slacks

June 2nd-5th Grade Promotion-10:00am-Gym

June 2nd-Last Day of School-closed at noon

June 6th-First Day of Summer Camp!

Notes from Mrs.Neu

In Science this week students explored the parts of plants that transport materials with a focus on root systems. Scientists learned that the phloem is the living tissue that carries nutrients and the xylem transports water; they both transport from the roots to all parts of the plants.

This week in Language Arts, students wrote and illustrated their pantoum poem and penned an "Ode to Fifth Grade" to celebrate the end of the school year. Writers also prepared either a "survival guide" or a letter to fourth graders listing tips and suggestions on how to be successful in fifth grade.

Social Studies this week focused on state report presentations. Students presented their "vacation packages" to convince others to visit their state. The "sales pitches" were entertaining and very convincing in the efforts to sell their state to tourists.

I wish everyone a Happy Memorial Day!