School Year 2023/2024

OVCA High School Local Clubs provide social connections with students throughout the state.

Local clubs will be offered on a variety of topics through engaging online club sessions. Keep checking back for updates on our club offerings and consider joining an online club today.


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Student Lead Clubs do require a staff sponsor.

Book Talk Club


1st Monday of each month

@ 3:30

Begins: September 11th

Staff POCs:

Mrs. Brend

Mrs. Cox

Love Reading?

Join our student-led OVCA Book Talk Club!

Meets once a month to discuss our favorite books!

Each attendance will get your name entered into a drawing for a Thrift Books gift card!

Music Appreciation Club


Tuesday @ 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Begins: September 12th

Staff POCs:

Madonna Pittman

We will meet to listen, learn, and discuss various music genres.

Craft Club


The last Friday of each month

From 2:30-3:15

First meeting: September 29th

Staff POCs:

Janet Reid

Kim Evans

Performing Arts Club


Every other Tuesday

From 3:00-4:00

Begins: September 12th

Student Leader:

Raven J.

Staff POCs:

Amanda Pendleton

Ashley Ehrhart

We will meet to dance, sing, act, write, share poetry, and comedy.

Student Council


2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month

From 3:00pm - 4:00pm

Beginning September 13th

Staff POC:

Amy Sisco

Pat Sanders

Come be the voice of the OVCA student body! We will host the Bison Huddle on the First Friday of each month where we connect students and staff in a fun get to know you assembly, create service projects across the state and even help the younger generations on their path to graduation.

Get Fit and Feel Fabulous Fitness Club


Mondays and Fridays

From 3:30-4:30

First meeting: September 11th

Staff POCs:

Raeshelle Sharpnack

Ashley Babcock

Amanda Schmidt

We will do simple workouts, talk about healthy eating, and set goals for a healthier lifestyle.

Art Club


First Wednesday of every month at 3:00-4:00

First Meeting: September 6th

Staff POCs:

Dawn Waite

Lisa Benn

This is a student led Art Club where we will discuss and practice different types of Art styles and share student’s Art.

Euphoria (K-Pop Club)


Every Friday @ 3:00-4:00

First meeting: September 8th

Staff POCs:

Todd Fischer:

This club is where K-Pop Fans come together and share their favorite K-pop songs or K-dramas. They will also celebrate Korean holidays, as well as tour dates, idols birthdays, etc. This is a student led club

Anime and Cosplay Club


Every Friday @ 4:00

Begins: September 8th

Staff POCs:

Todd Fischer:

Once every Friday, we meet to discuss Anime new and old, play games, share original artwork, discuss Japanese art history, discuss and show off cosplays (sometimes with contests), watch Anime, etc.

OVCA Outdoor Club


Every Third Tuesday of each month

From 3:30pm - 4:00pm

Begins: September 19th

Staff POC:

Tracie Grunewald

Jim Willie

Jon Gregg

Jody Whitehead

The Purpose of the OVCA Outdoor Club is to

  • introduce others to the great outdoors,
  • share knowledge,
  • help others discover their purpose for
    • fishing,
    • hunting, and
    • exploring the great outdoors,
  • and support others as they grow in their love of all things outdoors.
  • Everyone is welcome!

Photography Club


The 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

From 3:30-4:15pm

Begins: September 6th

Staff POCs:

Amy Sisco

This is a great place for our students to showcase their photography skills within the given theme of each week and collaborate with one another about techniques they used for their photos. Checkout some of the awesome photos taken during the 22/23 SY in the Flyer above.

BTS & Korean Language Club


Every Tuesday from 4:00-5:00

Begins: August 22nd

Staff POCs:

Janelle Cox

Students meet to watch and analyze BTS songs and music videos. We will also learn some Korean along the way.

Graduation Club


Second and Fourth Monday of the Month

@3:00 pm

First meeting: September 4th

Staff POCs:

Pam Dale

Katie McAskill

We will be offering information regarding tech and college visits - basically getting students excited about graduating and choosing a college/career. I am hoping we can reach out to students to improve graduation rates.

Native American Club


First Wednesday of the Month

From 4:00-5:00

First meeting: September 6th

Staff POCs:

Mary Barker

Lonnie Barton

Ashley Briley

Gathering of students to learn about and celebrate Native American culture and history.

Poetry Club


Second Tuesday of each Month

From 3:30-4:00

First meeting: September 12th

Staff POCs:

Jennifer Schrock

Jennifer Sabedra

We will introduce different poets and styles of poetry to students. This will also allow students to express themselves through poetry.

Culture Net Club


Every Other Thursday @ 4:00

Begins: August 31st

Staff POCs:

Janelle Cox

Brenda Chambers

Our goal is to create a welcoming space to draw ESL families more into their students' educational experience. Students and families will be encouraged to meet and celebrate different cultures, including their own, with ESL learning, space for inclusivity, and local support and resources for families as a focus. All students, staff, and families are welcome to attend meetings regardless of their own cultural background as long as they love celebrating different cultures! We will work closely with the school's ESL program.