Yolanda R. Lamar

The Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

Who is Yolanda R. Lamar?

Yolanda R. Lamar is the Founder and National President of Women Entrepreneurs Of America, Inc., a 501© (3) nonprofit membership based women’s organization that mission is to “empower and support” women in business and provide resources to those who want to start their businesses. She consults regularly with women-owned businesses from a variety of fields to help create synergistic solutions to world-impacting problems that addresses women in business. Portion of the proceeds of their fundraisers goes to supporting “women in transitioning”.

Prior to her implementing WEA, Inc. (formerly known as) approximately ten years ago, she created and started her own employment service, Labor U.S. of A. Employment Agency, Inc. in May of 2000. A female-owned, certified minority business enterprise specialize in providing flexible staffing in the fields of light industrial to medical services and now her new acquisition, Lamar Business Consulting Services, LLC. (formerly known as) Wilder Consulting Business Services, Ltd. Providing assistance to startup and new businesses in need of incorporating and protecting their assets.

Born and raised in Gary, Indiana, Ms. Lamar-Wilder currently lives in Houston, Texas after living in Cleveland, Ohio for over 15 years. She has 3 adult children, (two sons and one daughter Steve Jr., Shavon and Shawn Sr.), along with 11 (eleven) grandchildren all in Indiana. Ms. Lamar-Wilder has honors with the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. in 2000 for her written articles in the Cleveland Monitor on “Employment Tips”, and she had was asked to join the National Council of Negro Women, Inc. She currently serves on the Executive Committee as the Public Relations Chair for the Western Reserve Section and Correspondence Secretary for the Cuyahoga County Section.

Ms. Lamar has served on the Executive Board of CAAO ~ Consortium of African American Organizations and also on the Executive Board of the City of Cleveland Workforce Investment Board and Member of the Economic Committee as well a member of the International Center of Environmental Arts (ICEA) as the National Co-Chairperson along with Executive Board Member of the Employment/Entrepreneurial Committee for the African American Women’s Agenda of Cleveland, Ohio.

The Entrepreneur Extraordinaire!

The Entrepreneur Extraordinaire Herself

First off, this entitlement was blessed to me by an Awesome Entrepreneur and Great Male Mentor Friend of mine by the name of Cortes Everett from Cleveland, Ohio. Upon meeting him in the business world back in 2000, it will take him to tell you that story about our alliance, another chapter of my "entrepreneurial path" of how he come to call give me this entitlement of leadership and I have to be honest, I never received it until now! I truly appreciate his "insight" of my potential entrepreneurial spirit that he envisioned back than. Cortes Everett and I are remarkably one of the few business male/female associates that have sustained professional business together in this milestone for now over 10yrs.

Not much to share but much to thankful for and appreciative. As I play back in my mind what to share with you here, you need to know it was never a thought in mind to start and run a business. I've always since college, worked and worked hard as a waitress/server, retail/cashiering positions, supervisory positions in the food chain, law enforcement position in the prison system and human resource management/recruiter. I also was in the transportation industry such as drove for a school system, driven a truck locally and drove as a chauffeur for supplemental income to feed my family. In having all these employment experiences on my belt, it allowed and gave me the tools and knowledge to position me to where I am today. Now, again, never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be starting and running several businesses! What? Who? Me?

Well, to "much is given, much is required". As I was growing mentally in the corporate area, I was positioned to work for several large employment and recruitment firms as an Executive Administrative Secretary. My typing skills has always been top-notched typing 65-75wpm and probably back in the 80-81 on a good day. I sat in many corporate board meetings and heard and was exposed to what the I thought was, some "back-alley" bullcrap when it pertained to the welfare of human beings in need of employment. I mean, some of the decisions and directives of these corporate CEOs, COOs, Board Members, etc. was challenging to me. Meaning, even though I was dictating the minutes of the meetings, it all was a bunch of "mumbo-jumbo" to me and alot of the issues and concerns seemed to me easily to understand if you worked and understood people. So after at least 8-10yrs of working for corporate america and getting my official "pink-slip" of dismissal, God had already assisted me with planting some seeds of my "directive into entrepreneurship". Meaning, I was given some opportunities to open and broaden my mind to other options in generating money and become "self-sufficient".

And Yes, the rest speaks for itself! Here it is now, approx. 15 years later and so much to be thankful for. Surrounded by hundreds and soon to be thousands in the next 10yrs of women entrepreneurs and those phenomenal businessmen who will continue to assist me with what has became my "entrepreneurial ministry" of empowering and supporting entreprenerus to get to the "next level" or as my eldest son says, "leveled up" during their entrepreneurial journey.

It was than brought to my attention to began to "brand" my "craft" and write a book about my lessons learned as an inspiring entrepreneur in sharing it with other entrepreneurs. Now, when it was first brought to my attention, I snubbed the thought of it. Only cause I felt I'm extremely too, too busy with other pertinent business matters. I heard that individual share the "how comes" and "why" I should but I let it go over my head but it stayed planted in my head. But a few months later, the same statement was presented to me again by another incredible individual but in such a way it made me think, and think and think! I thought about what the first individual shared and it came so transparent that yes, I need to began the "leaving a legacy" process of the "fruits of my labor". A legacy for my children and now grandchildren will benefit from it. So i begun the immediately with what you are reading here. The book, "Stories of An Entrepreneur Extraordinaire" Entrepreneur Lessons of Madame Founder is in its implementation stages and to be available by August. I will be hosting a great Big Book Signing upon release. Also, will be highlighting some of the special people that was involved and shared of the "book of love" for my "spiritual legacy breakthrough"..............STAY TUNED!

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