The Story of Atlanta

A Greek Myth

At first Atlanta was born she was sent to a cave to be taken care of a mother bear and her cubs. When she was older she was found and told that her father was Iasus. When Atlanta was was a grown up she didn't know how to love so she made a race. If they won they would get to marry her but, if they lost they would get their heads cut off. Atlanta lost against Melahion and they had a baby his name was Parthenpaeus. Atlanta's Family tree is not that big First its Iasus her father who gave her to a bear to then Melahion and they had a baby ( Parthenpaeus ). Atlanta doesn't have a lot of friends except for her husband. Atlanta had no enemies. Atlanta had no house at all. In the book it says that Atlanta looks like a princess. Atlanta's conflict was that at a young age she never saw her father or mother also her mother was never talked about in the book. At ten years old age she was told her father was a god. She started to wonder why she didn't know how to love so she made love race and lost to the man she married. THAT'S ATLANTA'S STORY

Family tree: Iasus/Father

An Interview with Atlanta

Interviewer: Hello Atlanta.

Atlanta: Hi.

Interviewer: I’m going to ask you a couple questions, is that okay?

Atlanta: That is okay.

Interviewer: Okay so let’s get started, do you know why you were raised by a bear?

Atlanta: That I don’t know.

Interviewer: Okay then how about oh ! why did you do the race to marry who ever won?

Atlanta: Well I didn’t just want to go up to a person and say will you marry me?

Interviewer: Do you really love him or not?

Atlanta: I fell in love with him at the end of the race.

Interviewer: So you are a Demi god?

Atlanta: Yes I am a Demi god.

Interviewer: So that means half god, right?

Atlanta: Yes, yes it does.

Interviewer: So would your husband and son be a Demi god?

Atlanta: Yes my husband is a Demi god so that would make my son a Demi god too.

Interviewer: So what about your father, is he really your father?

Atlanta: Yes, I found out a long time ago.

Interviewer: So did you know you were a Demi god before?

Atlanta: No not until some one told me.

Interviewer: Ok, so that's all the questions I have for you today.

Atlanta: Okay, bye have a nice day.

Interviewer: You too Atlanta.

- The Queen of London has black hair like Atlanta
-Atlanta is from a different time
-The Queen is rich
-Atlanta is poor
-The Queen lives in big house and Atlanta doesn't have a house at all