Astounding Views of Los Haitises

By: Jacqueline Peters

You get the Picture

Considered a virgin island in the Caribbean, Los Haitises National Park is home to endemic and rare species, rich history, and stunning views. Located in the Samaná Peninsula, this National Park is usually reached by boat; therefore, a kayak tour is recommended highly through lagoons and rivers. “Los Haitises” meaning mountain range, was home to the Táino Indians whom left their mark inside caves which feature pictograms and petroglyphs. These caves, eroded from water, were hiding spots for pirates hundreds of years later, planning their attack on merchant ships. This destination is limits the vistitors that come through, so while it might be a little pricey, about $90-$200 for a tour, you'll be able to take a peak of this view without the annoying crowd. Showing off a myriad exotic views, this Caribbean paradise, hosts mangrove forests, cosy beaches, and etotic animals that call these caverns and trees home. After your arrival to Samana Port, you'll bound on a boat with your swimsuit and depending on your tour, a myriad of other items. You can go hiking through the islands, go exotic bird watching, cave diving, ziplining through the mangrove forest, plus tons more. You can even stay the night in Samana bay for a two day excursion; additionally, when on the islands lunch is provided. To get to this remote island, you'll fly out of the states and take a bus from where you land, Bayahibe-La Romana, Boca Chiica, Juan Dolio, Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata, you'll take a bus to Samana Bay where you take a boat to the island. With flights, hotel, and a tour the average cost for a two day trip would roughly be around $4000, all depending on what you want to do on this trip of a lifetime.