Trench Warfare

By: Abby Rautmann

what was it?

They were defense mechanisms allowing many people to hide from an attack. They were long and skinny essentially holes in the ground. They had guns, bullets, grenades, food, and many other things in there. The more experienced the soldier the less likely they were going to be killed. The newbies went up too fast and were shot in the head. Also the shorter the soldier the less likely to be killed. The taller ones were more easier to be seen, their hats stuck out of the trench. Many soldiers were saved and helped in these trenches.

why was it useful?

Each trench helped soldiers get better. They each served a good purpose. There was food in there for the man who were out there for days at a time. There was a safe place for those who were tired. It also served as a place where hurt soldiers could get medical attention. The trenches were very useful and helped each sides and country in every way possible.
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downsides to a trench

Trenches were also able to get attacked easily. The other side could fly over in planes and drop bombs or other explosives. This resulted in every person in that trench either becoming very injured or killed immediately.

My Reaction

I thought that trenches were useful and a waste of time at the same time. The trenches had many uses, but each trenches was able to get attacked using air crafts and the air force. I thought they were a smart idea also they served as mini hospitals, safe places for soldiers that were put in the fronts and battle fields a long time.

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