Fun in First!

Ms. Eadie's Class

Valentine's Day

Thank you so much for all of the Valentine treats! I am so lucky to have such thoughtful students!!


Last week we started our non-fiction unit in reading. We learned about the table of contents and looked closely at photographs. In the following pictures students are working in groups to see what they notice and can learn from their photograph. Every student participated and had something to add to their group chart. When they finished they were able to share with the class what they noticed.
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In math we have started learning different addition strategies. We have learned how to quickly add to 8, 9, and 10. In the following pictures the students are practicing adding to 8. They are looking for a pattern that will help add to 8 quickly.

Word Work

It is very important for children to know how to manipulate words. We practice the different phonics rules and apply them to new words every week. This is what you see come home every Friday on their word study test. One way we practice this is with letter tiles. The tiles are quick and easy to manipulate so they can easily change the different parts of words to make new words.

Writer's Workshop

Last week we finished revising and editing our small moments. The following pictures were taken during our writing celebration last Friday. The students were able to share their writing with different partners as well as listen to their peer's work. We published them into booklets which will be coming home soon. Thank you in advance for sending them back into school when you are finished looking at them. Each student will be bringing home a writing portfolio at the end of the school year containing all of their published writing. :)


If you would like to set up a parent-teacher conference please email me at My conference times are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 12:15.