Branches Of the Goverment

By: Jacob sturgis

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch of the government is the court branch it has a very important job it is the job that interprets laws it the branch that decides if laws are constitutional.The judicial branch also holds meetings in a court room with a defendant and a person that thinks the defendant is guilty and the judge asks questions to the offender and the jury listens and proves if the defendant is guilty or not. Their are the stages of courts the lowest level is the first court you would go to the middle court next the supreme court.
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Executive Branch

The Executive branch is the branch with the president the president can veto bills this means they could not be a law unless the Legislative branch have at least 2/3 of them vote yes. The president can also approve bills and they can become laws.
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Legislative Branch

The Legislative branch has two parts the house of representatives and the senate. The legislative branch can make bills or approve bills if a govern makes a slip of paper that they can approve. After the house of representatives is done with that processes they give it to senate and they vote for it to be sent to the president then if the president veto it they vote again and if 2/3 of them vote yes it becomes a law.
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New York's Govern, Local Senator, and Local Assembly Person.

New York's Govern is Andrew cuomo. One New York's assembly person is
Fred W. Thiele, Jr. Also one of the New York's local senator is Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr

Checks And Balances

A check is one branch of government check one another s o not one government has more power. A balance is when all of the governments have the same amount of power.

Why Checks And Balances Are Important

Checks and balances are important since if one branch has more power than a different branch it could be come to power full and one branch could do nothing to help the country or state.