The Scorch Trials By: James Dashner

By: Haley Gibson

Book Jacket:

As I woke up that morning I felt like something was off... As I looked around the room we were staying in I froze as all the memories of the day before came rushing back in. The last thing I remember is Teresa going into a different room... Oh no! Teresa was separated! I knew something wasn't right... And that's when the screaming started...

Notice and Note: Aha Moment

In the beginning of the Scorch Trials after they woke up in their room they noticed Teresa wasn't there. After they got out of the room they were in they found Teresa's room, and saw a plaque on the wall next to her door that said, "Teresa Agnes. Group A, Subject AI. The Betrayer." This is when they found out the Teresa is going to betray them, but also they found a strange tattoo on each of them that told them their roles in their little group.

Notice and Note: Tough Question

After they got out of the house and went through the Flat Trans they ended up in the Scorch. As they were trying to get to the civilization that was to the East they found an abandoned building. Teresa was in that building, and she kissed Thomas when he came up to her. She also said, "Get away from me, Tom," she said. "All of you need to get... away... from me. Don't argue. Just leave. Run." After that the tough question was whether he should trust her or not.

Notice and Note: Again & Again

In the Scorch Trials, and pretty much all of the The Maze Runner series, they keep on repeating the acronym WICKED. Also, the term 'WICKED is good,' is also repeated. That being said, it is repeated because WICKED is the antagonist of the story. They go against Thomas even though he used to be on their side until they put him into the Maze and all of the other trials he faces with the Glader's.

Tic-Tac-Toe: 2c

The characters would be different in a different time line because they would more than likely have a lot of different tools to use to get through the Trials a lot easier than they did without help. Also, the Maze Runner may not have even needed to be made because the scientists would have a lot more medicine than they had, and would've been able to create a cure without experimenting on teenagers like they are just lab rats.

Tic-Tac-Toe: 4b

Dear Brenda,
I just wanted to thank you for getting me to my friends again, and for saving my life back in the tunnels. Hehe... Those Cranks were coming hard, and it was so cool when you held him down! I was so sure that you wouldn't be able to, what with your tiny arms, and all! No offense though! Ahem, sorry that was off topic. Well what I'm trying to say is, what you did for me back there was really cool, and I appreciate it greatly. Just read this when you can. See ya later.
Your Friend,

Tic-Tac-Toe: 9a

As we were all getting into the Berg it started lifting off while people were still climbing up. Those slimy, and fleshy creatures were all pretty much dead accept one that was still scooting around. I was sitting safe over in the bay area where we could rest, when I heard a familiar scream. I look up quickly and see Brenda hanging over the edge of the Berg. Oh no... I looked below her outside of the window and saw a new fleshy creature come out of the hole they came from. I catch her eye and yell, "Brenda! Under you!!" My warning comes to late because she is already slipping from all of the slime that covered us all and the floor. I start running to the door just as we hit 10 feet. She's just barely on her finger tips now, and all I can think is, Not again, not again. Please hang on Brenda I'm coming, but you just have. to. HANG. ON. My heart is slamming into my ribs as I lose sight of her. When all of a sudden I hear 2 people simultaneously scream. I see Jorge jump over the edge while holding onto the Berg and suddenly all the breath that left comes back as I make it over. Just as Jorge slips I catch his forearm, and hold on as tight as I possibly can. He looks up at me and says, "Thomas take her hand! She is unconscious!" He lifts her up to me as I grab her and pull her into the safety of the Berg. Then just as I look up from her, I hear a faint voice say "Take care of her, hermano..." Then it feels as if the world is crashing around me extremely slowly. I see Jorge's hand disappear from view, and I hear myself scream. I move Brenda's unconscious body over, and throw myself down on my stomach only to catch thin air. I watch in horror as Jorge falls to the death that I could've saved them both from. I look away quickly as I hear a nasty sound that sounds like a snap, squelch, and squeal all in one. I could only imagine that he died on impact since those creatures had multiple protrusions coming out of their bodies. I feel someone shift around beside me, and look up as I see Brenda come to. I see a couple of people around her as I crawl over to her and gently cradle her head in my lap. She looks up at me and says, "T-Thomas?" I gently stroke her hair and say, "Yeah... yeah its me..." Though it should've been Jorge here holding you... not me. The nastier part of my mind sarcastically said back. I don't let my inner turmoil show on my face as I cradle her. She takes a deep breath and asks, "Where's Jorge? I could've sworn I saw him get on?" And that's when the dam broke. Tears make their way down my cheeks as I shudder as the sound of him making impact with that monster plays over and over in my head. I compose myself as I notice people muttering and I catch a few, "Hm, I did too..." I bow my head in shame as I say quietly, "B-Brenda... He did make it... But as he saw you fall over the edge... Its all my fault. I could only save you because I had to get you on board since you were unconscious, and he knew it. So he made the decision for me, and just let go of the edge..." I take another deep breath and let it all out in one big huff as I say, "He gave his life for yours, and told me to take care of you... I'm so sorry." I look up to see a couple of Glader's audibly gasp at the horrible image, and her silently crying in my lap. As she buries her head in my lap I can hear a muffled, "Y-you did your best to save him... That's all I can ask for..." I notice that she is beginning to get tired, so I put her down and kiss her forehead while saying, "Everything will be better tomorrow... I promise." And that is a promise I did my best to keep. While I make my own promise to myself. Nobody else will die on my accord, no matter what. That is a promise that I am determined to keep.


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