Chinese Cinderella

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Adeline is the main character of Chinese Cinderella and narrates the book to the audience. Adeline "s first home located was in the coastal city of Tiguan. She lived in that city for an extended amount of time and were the exposition is created. The head of the family is Adeline's Grandmother Nai Nai . In the family of Mah A stepmother of Adeline will become will become The head of the which is the turning point .


In a home in the coastal city of Tiguan A girl named Adeline lives in a privileged home full of power and pride but her Family members do not care for her, but for just the pride that she brings to the family of Yen Mah. Other siblings are treated better than her and the head of the Mah family is the eldest which would be Nai Nai.

Rising Action

When Grandmother Nai Nai dies Niang the Stepmother will become the head of the family and then the siblings that were treated with such grace more than Adeline will become abused ,ill treated and unfairly taught and spoiled compared to there step counter parts they relied on Adeline that has been treated so poorly.They now feel what she has felt


When one of Niang's children breaks her china and then begins brutally beating her 2 year old child when none of the family members speak out .Adeline finally sums up the courage to yell Stop! After that parents realize that niang is not the person who she seems to be.
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Falling Action

After Niangs beating with the children Aunt Baba calls the police to have her removed and she is. She also try to quickly apologize that way the Mah family can rethink their decision of having Niang charged for Abuse And indecency.


The Mah family has been full of hundreds of years of grievance,bad mothers,death,power, and of course being blessed with Adeline which made friends with soldiers went to America along with stepping up in such daring time and the Mah family could not ask for more.
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About the Author

Adeline Yen Mah has been writing for over 30 years .she wants to write the ups and downs of her life and see if others not just in Asia but all around the world can connect to her stories known for writing Chinese Cinderella and some people will connect to this and all her stories. While having the accomplishments that she does she would not have had these books and awards if it were not for her life.
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Chinese Cinderella is not just another stories of an unfair family that treats someone ill. It is a stories that will touch your heart forever and that you can hopefully connect to . A girl named Adeline Yen Mah will try to redeem herself for her family and by doing that she go to school make friends,win awards . Will her Elders find out that she is doing this to bring pride or just continue to praise her.