water scarcity

about water scarcity

what is water scarcity

water scarcity involves water stress, water storage and water crisis. Water stress is a difficultly of having sources of fresh water for use. A water crisis is a situation where the water in a city or town is less that what is needed

where is water scarcity

Kenya :located in Africa lots of countries have the same problem

Sudan :also in Africa near Kenya

Haiti : Haiti is located of the coast of central america

where they are

Water scarcity in the news

The BBC were saying how water scarcity is getting much worse and how the worlds population has doubled since 1980 so more people are having the same problems
The Times were saying stats like 1% of the world's water is OK to to drink and 2% is locked up in ice.

The BBC also were talking about how the case is getting much worse in places like Africa and the coast off Central America