Southwest Events

Looking Ahead - One day and one month

What is On The Calendar

If your event is not on the calendar, please let me know so I can update everyone.

November 16 - 20 - No mandated meetings expect IEP and 504

November 16 Turn in United Way form

Volleyball/Soccer @ BCMS

November 17 Wrestling - YC@SW

November 18 Brief Faculty Meeting as soon as buses depart

4:00 - KIA Car Drawing for Mr. Thomas @ Stuart Cramer

Volleyball/Soccer - Grier @ SW

November 19 Volleyball/Soccer- YC@SW

November 20 Wrestling - Grier@SW

November 23 SIT- 3:30 - Crowder's room

November 24 Wrestling SW@BCMS

December 1 Volleyball/Soccer SW@Holbrook

December 2 Wrestling - Chavis @ SW


Volleyball/Soccer WCF@SW

December 4 Wrestling SW@ Holbrook

December 7 PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - Literacy - During planning - Library

Volleyball/Soccer -Chavis @SW

December 8 Leadership Team Meeting - Library 3:30

Wrestling - Stanley@SW

December 10 I did not write on calendar which sport - Belmont@SW

December 11 Faculty Meeting during planning

December 12 Gaston County Wrestling Tournament

December 14-17 Faculty Treats By Grade Levels and Departments

December 14 Volleyball/Soccer Playoffs

December 15 SIT 3:30 - Crowder's Room

Chorus Concert 6:30 - Hunter Huss auditorium

December 16 PBIS Reward Day- Belmont Abbey, Bingo and BelAire Nursing Home

December 17 Volleyball/Soccer Championship


****Snowball Sling - during electives

December 21 Optional Teacher Workday - Not an option if you have no annual

leave days

December 22 Annual Leave

December 23 Annual Leave

December 24-25 Holiday

December 28-31 Annual Leave

January 1 Holiday

Still to be scheduled -

Band Concert (waiting on Huss to confirm date. Probably last week before break). December Dance - waiting on band concert to be confirmed.

*** Snowball Sling is a student vs student vs faculty dodgeball tournament during electives. Students pay a small fee to play. They are assigned to teams and challenge one another. Faculty play their grade level during their planning period. DOES ANYONE WANT TO COORDINATE FACULTY SHIRTS AGAIN THIS YEAR?

Low Performing School Status

There are 2 ways for us to get OUT of our low performing status.

1. Increase proficiency to 56 percent. Includes : 6-8 ELA, Reading, Math 1 and 8th Science.

2. Exceed Growth

We have the ability to do both of these things. But it takes all of us.

These are the new measures in place to help us move their faster -

1. Targeted reading with targeted students with M. McCarey - has been in place since Sept.

2. Compass Learning -students work on their level for intervention. - started Oct.

3. Elective teachers/support staff working with targeted students to increase confidence level in struggling math students 4 days a week during Advisory. - started November 12

4. Math Support teachers working with math teachers to aid in finding resources, planning lessons, modeling, co-teaching, etc. - started November 2-ish

5. Purchase low level books for classroom libraries in ELA rooms to get a broader spectrum of books for lowest level readers - to arrive by early December

6. Professional Development - Close Reading strategies for all teachers by curriculum facilitators - December 7 library during planning

7. Science Professional Development with Tammy Mims for Science teachers - November 10 and in January 2016

8. An additional chromecart to be purchased for each 4 man team - arrived an installed by January

9. Remediation TA to be hired to pull students during electives (who have parent permission) to work on skills during electives. It will be a course of theirs. - As soon as job is posted, funding in our account and person hired.

10. Tutoring by high performing teachers - Second semester

Change of the Week

Brett Wilson has moved to the 8th grade to take Mr. Hovis' place. This will ensure 100-ish 8th graders do not lose 1 day of instruction from a qualified math teacher.

We are looking to hire a math teacher for the 6th grade team.

Thank You

Thank you for all you do each moment of the day for our students and for one another. I hope you can use this week to catch up, get ahead, talk about students, contact or go visit parents, plan engaging and high level lessons, visit other classrooms and breathe. Know I recognize how BIG your job is.