Rotating Tower?

Dynamic Tower

Dynamic tower

The Dynamic Tower in Dubai is the first building in the world to be constructed in motion. It has 80 floors and is 420 metres high. The Dynamic Tower was deisgned by architect David Fisher who owns a rortating tower technology company. In Dubai the booming real estate market halted work on what would of been the world's tallest building.

Rotation of the tower

Each floor of the Dynamic Tower rotates independently which gives the tower a different look each time. Each floor rotates 6 metres every minute and one complete rotating happens in just 90 minutes. The Dynamic tower is powered by 79 power generating wind turbines witch is fitted into each floor.

Inside the tower

The first 20 floors in the Dynamic Tower are offices the floors 21 to 35 are luxury hotels. Floors 36 to 70 are residential apartments. The top 10 floors are villas style luxury apartments. The cost of the whole tower itself cost $330 million to construct. The apartments in the Dynamic Tower are priced up to $38 million.

What is it made of

The Dynamic Tower is completly prefabricated. It is made out of glass, steel, concrete reinforced and fabric