Say No to Columbus Day

BY: Nabor Reynoso

Miscalculated observations

Even though Columbus discovered America he found it by mistake. He wanted to find a quick route to the Pacific Ocean but landed on the US by mistake. His intentions was to look for gold and slaves. Maybe spices but he mainly focused on gold and slaves. Even though Columbus did land on the US he wasn't the first. Vikings were there years before Columbus had arrived. Why don't we have a holiday for them? Columbus Didn't even say anything good about the natives. He didn't say how dumb they were but from the details you can infer that. He say how they would cut themselves with swords because they didn't know what it was.

The main reasons why Columbus day shouldn't be celebrated

Violence and Power

When Columbus arrived to the US He spread diseases that have harmed the natives getting them killed or sick. He was greedy he would traded worthless stuff he had to the natives for goods. Columbus thought he could change their beliefs. Columbus took over America. He killed many Native Americans. Because of Columbus The native culture is almost wiped out now. Is that something america is suppose to be proud of? The over taking of a European country.