Prescription Drug Abuse

Michael Hull


Prescription Drugs of Abuse are a serious problem in America. The drug overdose rates have tripled since 1990 and the percent of people who use PDAs that overdose is 60%. There were 12,000,000 users in the US in 2010 of Prescription Drugs of Abuse alone.

In the short term, PDAs can make you feel good, and feel like nothing can hurt you. They are painkillers for the most part after all. Some, like Oxycodone and it's variants like Oxycontin are extraordinarily addictive and can hook some people on the first abusive use. Other short term effects can be mental cloudiness or slowed response and confusion. The user may have difficulty sleeping too.

Long term effects of using PDAs are also cause for concern. Let's take Ritalin for example. Long term effects of Ritalin abuse can include malnutrition, depression, psychosis, and damage to the brain causing stroke or possible epilepsy. That's just one drug for example too, there are lists upon lists of other very serious health problems that can occur from long term abuse of other prescription drugs.

These drugs don't only affect your health, they'll tear apart your life as well. Not only will you be blowing tons of money, likely in the tens of thousands, on these drugs should you become seriously hooked like many who try them, but you may also lose your job because of it, causing you to steal or work illegally to get money for the addiction. Not to mention if you get caught be legal forces doing either or just taking the drugs. You'll also experience trouble in the home. Your marriage or other intimate relationships will start to crumble and you'll likely fail to hide your addiction... no one likes it when loved ones are druggies. If you do manage to hide it in any case, they'll begin to wonder very quickly why you're disappearing from the house for hours at a time with no excuse. You may begin to lose close friends or unintentionally push them away. In severe cases, you're closest friends and family may turn on you and send you to rehab camps should it become such an issue. Drug abuse of any kind prescription or not is also one of the worst examples you could possibly ever set for children.

There is no right time to abuse drugs, and there is no time at all. It's never going to be a productive decision and certainly never a beneficial decision no matter how you go about it.

I don't like PDA, in either form...

I don't play with PDA, and neither should you.

Some Prescription Drugs of Abuse to be aware of are: