Come to TEXAS!

By: Kelley Le & Madison Normand

Now Selling Land!

That's right! You heard me! We are selling 1000 acres of FLAT land in Texas which are between the Guadalupe and Colorado Rivers. But, its not like any other piece of land! This land has moist, fertile, and RICH soil! Also, it has never been touched by a plow! Farming will be a cinch! There's also no rocks whatsoever so you don't have to do the hard work of getting rid of them. And since it's between the 2 rivers, you should have plenty of water for your crops and for yourself and family. What's even better is that it's ONLY 12.5 cents per acre! When in the U.S., it's $1.25 per acre. Pretty big difference. So our land grant is only a total of $125.00 for 1000 acres! You don't see a deal like this everyday.

How To Get It?

First off, if you're coming here on land then I'll recommend riding a wagon or horseback. Or you can travel by boat across the rivers. To get this land grant, you have to come to Gonzales which is just above the Guadalupe River. If you go North of Gonzales, you should find a huge red brick building. It's big, and red, not hard to miss. You'll have to meet up here at noon on Wednesday, 10/21. There, you should meet an empresario named Green Dewitt. He will talk to you about it and give you the land if you accept.

Here's an idea of what Green Dewitt looks like!

Big image


Now that you have heard about all of the great things about Texas, it's time to talk business. All you have to do is follow these simple requirements!

  • Follow Mexican laws
  • Become a Mexican citizen
  • Be a good and moral character
  • Become a faithful member of the Catholic Church

That's all you have to do to get this AMAZING offer!

Why else should you come to Texas?

Well you already know about how great our farmland is. And the abundant amount of water here. But other reasons you should come here is if you are one of those kinds of people who loves to travel and explore new things, then this can be a place for you! Also, if you're just tired of all of the problems and laws in the U.S., then come here to release all of that stress! But you better hurry and get this awesome offer because only the first 300 families gets to come! This is a once in a lifetime chance! So buy right now for 1000 acres of amazing farming land for an extremely cheap price!


Comparison of Spanish and Anglo American Colonization

The Spanish Colonization: Spain tried to colonize by building missions and presidios. These were used to spread Christianity and gain control. More people came but later on, the missions and presidios began to fail. The Mexicans felt that they had to spend too much money and people got diseases. They later on became hostile towards the government and started to rebel and want independence.

The Anglo American Colonization: After the Mexicans gained their independence from Spain, Spain opened all Spanish lands for settlement by foreigners and gave empresarios (Stephen F. Austin) land grants. More people came because of the low price and later on, the population reached 20,000. This was a success! As more and more people come to settle here in Texas.