Have A Successful FB Norwex Party!


Your Guide to an AMAZING party!!!!

This flyer will give you all the information and ideas you need to have a successful party! The more successful the party is, the more FREE products you will earn!

Planning For the Party!

Rewards and Thank you's!

Make sure you’re available the evening we close your party to personally thank your guests for their orders! That night is super exciting – I’ll be updating you on how many guests have ordered, as well as how much you’ve made in sales. Remember you get a free window cloth when you get one friend to book under your party! Get more than one party booked, and you'll earn a NEW reusable shopping bag with baclock!

Thank you for hosting a party!

I am so excited to help you earn chemical-free products that make cleaning easier and healthier! Remember, I'm just a phone call or email away. Please do not hesitate to contact me!!!