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October Update
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Literacy Update

Kindergarten students have been busy working on letters, sounds, learning how to use their iPads for their personalized learning, writing their name, color words, learning a few basic sight words and more!

Our first-grade students have been busy since the start of the school year! Students have been practicing, with the help of our Scholastic News Magazines and stories about the different seasons and apples, identifying different text features in a non-fiction piece such as the caption, label, and header. Students have been practicing using many different reading strategies such as predicting, inferring, retelling and sequencing. In writing, students have been working on personal narratives. We are practicing doing what good writers do; using a capital at the beginning of the sentence, using punctuation at the end, and including a detailed picture.

In second grade, we are focusing on different genres in our reading. We have explored realistic fiction, narrative non-fiction, expository text and more. Some of the grammar rules we are working on include subjects and predicates, adding -s and -es to words to make them plural, closed syllables, and the four types of sentences (statement, question, command and exclamatory). We will continue to incorporate our school improvement strategies into our weekly lessons.

3rd & 4th Graders have been busy diving into our new Wonders series. We have been reading stories from various genres and practicing different comprehension strategies such as sequencing, visualizing, and compare and contrast. We have been working hard at using text evidence from the stories to help answer comprehension questions.

The fifth-grade readers and writers have been busy this fall! The students are learning a variety of reading strategies that provide them with the tools to comprehend a variety of texts. We are also working hard on novel studies. The students are enjoying these novels and are doing well with incorporating their new reading strategies. In Writer's Workshop we are beginning our personal narrative. They have learned about the author's purpose, task, and audience. We are practicing expanding details while staying on topic. We are looking forward to reading their final copies.

6th grade is working on the different components of a narrative story. We discussed the importance of including the time frame, setting and main events. In addition, we stressed the sensory details that need to be added with a strong plot and takeaway ending. In English we are reviewing the four types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative and exclamatory with the correct punctuation for each. We are also reading the novel Hatchet. The story is about a young boy stranded in the Canadian forest by himself after his plane crashes.

MISD Fourth and Fifth Grade Daughters/Mothers Maturation Program

The Macomb Intermediate School District (MISD) will be presenting maturation programs for fourth grade and fifth grade girls and their mothers/guardians, at which time they will answer growth and development questions. The virtual events will take place on Thursday, October 13, 2022, Thursday, January 19, 2023, and Thursday, March 16, 2023, from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. The attached has registration details.

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A few pictures of the amazing learning that took place this week!

Dates To Know

October- Costume Donation Collection - Oct 3rd - Oct 7th

9th- Band-A-Rama (see flyer below)

11th- HVL Parent Meeting 6:00pm Online

19- No School- Teacher Professional Development

21st- 50th Anniversary Celebration 5:30-7:30

26th- Savvy Sliders Restaurant Night

28th- Trick or Treat on Havel Street

28th- 1/2 Day of School 12:24 Dismissal

31st- 1/2 Day Of School 12:24 Dismissal

31st- Halloween Parade- 10:30am

November- Texas Roadhouse Gift Card Fundraiser - Nov 1st - Dec 1st

8th- No School- Election Day

8th- Voting Day Bake Sale for 6th Grade

10th- 1/2 Day Parent/Teacher Conferences

16th- Noodles Restaurant Night

21st- Rink Skating Night

23rd-25th- No School Thanksgiving Break

December- Mrs. Field's/Cheesecake Factory Fundraiser

6, 7, 8 - Student Holiday Shop

December 13 @ 6:00 p.m. Winter Concert (grades 2/3)- More Info To Come

December 13 @ 7:00 p.m. Winter Concert (grades 4/5)- More Info To Come

December 13 @ 6:00 & 7:00 p.m. Winter Concert (6th grade choir)- More Info To Come

21st- 1/2 Day 12:24 Dismissal

22nd-January 2- No School Winter Break

January- Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser - Jan 23 - Feb 28th

9th- RINK Skating Night

16th- No School- MLK Day

25th- Skyzone Fundraiser Night

February- Little Caesars Pizza Kit Fundraiser - Jan 23 - Feb 28th

20th-24th- No school- Mid-Winter Break


March 21 @ 6:30 p.m.- WILD About Music Concert (grades K/1)- More Info To Come

24th- 1/2 Day 12:24 Dismissal


3rd-7th- No School- Spring Break


16th- 6th Grade Band Concert @ 7:00pm

29th- No School- Memorial Day


8th- 1/2 Day 12:24 Dismissal

9th- 1/2 Day- 12:24 Dismissal- Last Day Of School

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School Year Calendars

We are pleased to share with you the calendars for the next two school years. To view the calendars, please see this link: http://uticak12.org/ucscalendaroverview.

Girls' STEM Day

MSU is hosting an educational, informative, fun event on Saturday, November 5, 2022 called Girls' STEM Day. This event is for k-4th graders, is filled with hands-on activities, and is FREE. Registration is required and chaperones may bring up to 3 students. Registration deadline is October 31, or until max capacity is reached.


Register at https://www.egr.msu.edu/wie/k12/program/girls-stem-day

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Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, November 7th, 2022 @ 5:00pm-8:00pm

November 10, 2022 @ 1:15 – 4:15 PM & 5:00-8:00 PM

It may be hard to believe, but we are near the end of our first card marking period. Since the start of school, we have worked together to navigate some of the challenges of our environment but also celebrate real successes of the connections being made between teachers and our students. It is now our opportunity to schedule Parent-Teacher Conferences. Conferences are an important part of our partnership to make sure students are meeting our shared expectations.

We will again be using a web-based process this year to schedule and virtually meet with your child’s teachers about their progress. The system we are using is called School Soft Conference Manager and it will allow you to check our teachers’ conference schedules and book an appointment on-line. You will use the same system for you and your student’s teacher to have a virtual conversation about academic progress.

The first time you use the Conference Manager you will be required to register and create a parent account. (If you already have an account from previous years, you can skip this step).Setup only takes a minute or two. You will continue to use this same account for the duration of the time you have children in the school, so please record your password where you can reference it later.

More details with specific signup times will follow in our next few the weekly newsletters...stay tuned!

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Original photos have not been sent home yet, this is a save the date for those who missed picture day.

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News From Our Havel Volunteer League

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See below for news from previous Hawk Weekly updates

Halloween Costumes Guidelines

Halloween is a time of year where some of our students get super excited about picking out their Halloween costumes, and as parents/guardians (I learned this the hard way once) we know that sometimes those "popular" costumes are hard to find the longer I waited to go shopping. With that being said I thought it may be helpful for you to have an idea of what those "school appropriate" costumes are here at Havel. Keep in mind, or as I like to put things in perspective with my older students.... we have students as young as 4-5 years old and while some costumes are "age appropriate for them", they may not be appropriate for the all school parade. After reading the guidelines below if you have any questions regarding suitability, please contact the office or your child's teacher.

Students should refrain from violent characterization and may not use any fake weapons, fake blood, or any references to victims or perpetrators of violence for their costume choice at school. Violent characterization is unacceptable for school parades and where younger students might be frightened. If deemed inappropriate by school personnel, students will be asked to remove the costume and/or wash makeup.

Book, cartoon, folk heroes, historical figures, and period costumes are all good ideas to consider when thinking of the perfect costume.

Since Halloween is a half day of school (12:20 dismissal), students will be allowed to wear partial costumes to school. Check to be sure that your child can walk freely, and that the costume will be comfortable enough for the classroom setting. Masks may be worn (frightening masks not permitted) but those that impede vision should be left at home. Plan to have your child bring any costume props (wigs and other add-ons) to school in a bag or backpack.

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UCS Wellness

The UCS Wellness team is happy to announce the seventh episode of their podcast series. The team worked with community members to create a podcast regarding different areas of physical, mental, and social health for UCS staff, students, and families. These podcasts are available on the UCS Wellness page. UCS Wellness - Utica Community Schools (uticak12.org)

The seventh podcast in the series is titled “Our Youth and Vaping.” Below is a list of the podcasts available on the Wellness page:

  • Mental Health with guest, Nancy Buyle
  • Grief and the Grieving Process for Children
  • Family Communication
  • CARE of Southeastern Michigan
  • Discussing Dating Violence with Turning Point
  • Tackling Tough Topics with the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office
  • Our Youth and Vaping

Virtual Library Card & Tutor.com Information

Below are login directions for students for their virtual library card and virtual library card - Tutor.com, located in the ClassLink dashboard. The virtual library card gives students access to digital resources from the local library and the virtual library card - Tutor.com provides online tutoring and homework help for students.
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Policy On Personal Items

Any cell phones must be turned off and out of view during school hours or while on the bus OR IT WILL BE CONFISCATED and an adult must come up to school to pick it up.

Students should NOT bring toys, game boys, Nintendo DS or any hand-held electronic games, CD players, MP3 or IPods, PDA’s, memorabilia, special cards or other collectible or expensive items to school.

Havel Elementary School is not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged.

Such items will be collected and kept in the office. A parent must come and retrieve any items they wish to have returned.


Remember ... it is very important that you report your child’s absences to the school. The attendance line answering machine is on 24 hours a day for your convenience.

The Attendance Line number is: (586) 797-5299

Please indicate when you call: Your child’s name, teacher’s name, & the reason for the absence.

Early Arrival/Dimissal

Our UCS parent and student handbook states, “general supervision begins 10 minutes before the start of school.” At Havel, that means students should arrive at school no earlier than 9:10 am. Students should not come to school before this time, unless enrolled in School Age Child Care (SACC). Teachers will allow students to enter assigned doors at 9:10 am and supervise them until school begins at 9:20 am.

If it becomes necessary for you to have your child leave the building during the school day, please conform to the following:

• Notify the office by phone or note beforehand of the reason for and time of dismissal.

• At the designated time, the parent/guardian or other person designated on the child’s emergency contact designee must come into the office to sign the child out of school.

• All adults must be prepared to show photo ID.

Birthday Celebrations

The teachers and staff at Havel strongly support and encourage the recognition of a child’s birthday during the school day. It is an annual milestone in every child’s life that should be celebrated not just at home, but in school as well, where children spend one-third of their day with teachers, classmates, and peers. While there are many wonderful and creative ways to celebrate a child’s birthday in school, birthday celebrations at Havel will not include food treats. Instead, the focus at Havel will be recognizing the day in a variety of special ways that do not include food treats. Some possibilities include:

· Class sings “Happy Birthday”

· Happy Birthday Recess/Gift

· Morning “Happy Birthday” PA announcement

· NEHS Singing Telegram

· Parent makes a donation of book to class library/read to class

· Student reads favorite book to class

· Parent/special someone reads story to class

Your child’s teacher will have more information on how birthdays will be celebrated in the classroom. As educators, caregivers and loved ones we all want the best for our students. Thank you for joining us in giving students healthy opportunities to celebrate important events and achievements.

Too Sick To Come To School? Take A Peek At These Health Department Guidelines

When is your child too sick to attend school? The following guidelines, along with the advice of your family doctor, will help you decide when your child should stay home:

• Cold and/or cough – a child with deep mucus that causes a cough and heavy nose drainage cannot function at school.

• Fever – fever is a warning that something is wrong. A child should remain at home for 24 hours after the fever is gone without the use of medication.

• Rash – a rash, spots or blotches on the skin can be the first sign of many illnesses. Rashes require a physician’s release stating they are not contagious.

• Stomachache/Upset – a child who is vomiting or has diarrhea should be kept at home and may return 24 hours after the symptoms are gone.

• Head Lice – a child with head lice must remain at home until treatment is complete and school officials confirm he or she is free of lice. Check your child’s head before school begins in the fall and routinely during the school year or if he or she complains of an itchy scalp. Look around your child’s ears and back of the neck for nits, which are tiny, 8 white, oval-shaped lice eggs that are attached to the hair near the scalp. Nits may look like dandruff or scalp flakes, but nits do not move and are difficult to dislodge. Notify the school office immediately if your child has head lice. Begin treatment immediately by contacting your doctor or purchasing over the counter medication from the drug store. To prevent spreading head lice, wash all infested garments, hair accessories, bedding and other surfaces with hot water and disinfectant. You must sign your child in at the office when he or she is returning to school after treatment for head lice.

Security Procedures

We are asking for your assistance to ensure that our security procedures during the school day are effective. As many of you know, our school has a security camera, intercom, and buzzer at the front entrance for use during the school day. To help us assist you when you would like to enter the school:

1. All guests must enter through the main office door

2. Please press the buzzer to speak with someone in the office

3. You will be asked to state your name and reason for visiting

4. Each time you come to the office you will be asked to show your photo ID into the security camera above the outside door

5. Office staff will assist you.

6. Guests must have an appointment to meet with a staff member during instructional hours

In addition, we are asking you to not let any visitors in the door as you enter (and they come up behind you) or as you exit the building.

Finally, all exterior doors are to remain locked and secure daily. Teachers will not prop doors open and any door that is open is to have a staff member monitoring it at all times.

The teachers and staff are committed to student safety and security and we would like to thank you for your assistance in helping keep the students of Havel safe.

Managing Your Student's Breakfast/Lunch Account

Meal Prices:

Breakfast: All Levels $1.75
Lunch: Elementary $2.75

  • Go to https://utica.familyportal.cloud to set up your account
  • If you had an old Sendmoneytoschool.com account it will help you migrate over to the new site.
  • Please review this video for instructions how to set up your account. Https://utica.familyportal.cloud/tutorials
  • You will need your child’s 9-digit ID number to set it up (you can get this from the office)
  • You can access student meal accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view account balances, deposit histories, or your child’s meal or snack selections free of charge
  • You can also make deposits to your child’s cafeteria account using Visa, MasterCard or Discover-a bank service fee of $1.50 will be charged to your credit card
  • Breakfasts & Lunches may still be purchased with cash or check; however amounts of $20 or more are recommended
  • Checks should be made to Utica Community Schools Food Service Department
  • Checks returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) will be assessed a $25 fee

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