Quaternary Time Period

Let's Go, Recently Got Rid Of Dinos


Humans are beginning to evolve and get smarter and smarter as they walk the lands. The humans are making progress and are slowly becoming the humans we recognize today

Places To Go

Go to Africa and you may see one of the first humans to walk the earth. Also, you might want to go to the Gulf Of Mexico to see the crater of the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. Also another attraction is the recently installed Mount Everest

Species Include Megatherium, Trees, and Recently Added Homo Sapiens

The weather looks like it will be sun, sun, and more sun

What To Bring

You might want to bring some sunblock because the sun is close, some water, a lot of food, a shelter and, maybe some weapons to protect yourself... and always bring your phone

Feels very cold but with a rare heat burst once and a while. This is what we call the Ice Age

What to wear

You might want to wear a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie since the weather in that period is alike to the one we experience today
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Watch out for random uprises of heat, they are very rare, not fake

Good Luck