Healthy Relationships

Show care for each other.


What are we suppose to do with healthy relationship?

Care for each other.

Give them some space (privacy).

Be polite / respectful.

Don't lie to each other.

Don't cheat each other.

Care for each other.

We should take care of our relationship, if we don't take then that's mean we throwing it away which its not a good thing.

Give them some space (Privacy).

We should give them some privacy so that they can talk or do privacy that they don't really want you to know so it will be best for the relationship.

Be polite/ respectful.

We have to show respect and be polite to our relationship to show respect and our careness.

Don't lie to each other.

We have to tell the truth each other so that we could figure out the problem and fix it.

Don't cheat to each other.

We shouldn't cheat each other or else we wouldn't trust each again which is not a good thing to do each other to our relationship.