Planning a Funeral?

Plan Today for an Easier Tomorrow!

Celebrate Life

How will the events marking the end of life celebrate the spirit and story of that life in a unique and appropriate way? What will family and guests learn or remember about you or your loved one? At Eternal Rest we will help you figure out those questions during this trying time and help you plan the funeral of a loved one. Plan today for an easier tomorrow!

Saying Goodbye to a Loved One

There are many factors that come into play when planning a funeral. Choosing and purchasing disposition including cremation, organ donation, natural burial, and burial at sea, open or closed casket, being buried in the ground or spreading the ashes, headstone or burial plot, what will the loved one wear, will there just be a funeral or funeral and burial, who is attending, are donations accepted and many more are factors to be considered when planning for the funeral.

Who Will Make the Decisions?

It’s important to determine who is the primary decision-maker following the death. Whoever is the agent of the Power of Attorney for Health Care is the one who will be making the final disposition decisions. If no one has been assigned, then the hospital, hospice, and funeral authorities will defer to the next of kin. Will there be a funeral, memorial, and burial service? Donations can be set up

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Culture and Religion are Important Too!

Whether Protestant, Catholic, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or any other spiritual background, we are happy to work with you to carry out your loved one’s wishes for his or her memorial or funeral services. There may be a need for a purification ceremony or prayer service as well as watching over the deceased remains. In other cultures, it is customary to wait for a set amount of time, such as a week or more. Cultural traditions often require specific ritual chanting, singing of particular songs, praying, music, readings, burning incense or lighting candles. If your culture dictates these or other funeral specifics, we are happy to work with you to make your wishes a reality.

The Biggest Challenge

Financial aspects of a funeral are the most conflicting for a family. Without some guidance, the options and information to make these services and arrangements can seem overwhelming and unbearable at an already complicated time. We have resources available to help you find information on how to cover and what steps to take to cover the expense of a funeral.