During The Pregnancy

First Trimester

The mother is feeling very moody. She has a split personality that is changing. If she excercise like swimming and walking. The baby parts like nose ears and mouth are taking shape. The last thing is that the nose, ears, and the mouth are taking shape.

Second Trimester

During the second trimester the mom has more energy and less tenderness in her breasts. No more queasiness and people begin to want to touch on the mother's stomach. The baby can squint, frown,grimace,pee and suck thumb. Baby can gasp and stretch and became more flexible and active. Baby begins to look more like an minuture new born.

Third Trimester

During the Third Trimester the mothers blood volume increases 40 to 50%. She begins to have shortness of breath and heartburn. The baby on the other hand weighs about 3-4 pounds and the baby has fingernails, toenails and real hair. The babies skin is soft and smooth.

advice to future fathers

i advise to any future fathers that while your significant other or wife is pregnant you treat her right. Be prepared for emotions , weird cravings , and etc.
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