Writing Conferences

5th Graders Gave Us Feedback

Partner Conferencing: Glows and Grows

This year our class has been working hard to improve the quality of our writing conferences. How we give feedback to one another to help ourselves and each other grow and celebrate as authors.

Grade 5 helped us with this today. Mr. Scott's 5th grade class did some filming of themselves in writing conferences. We watched and listened to them model Glows & Grows conferences and then had our own conferences with writing partners while they listened in today to our Realistic Fiction conferences.

They helped us so much! It was amazing to see how engaged and thoughtful the 5th graders were about our work and how receptive our 3rd graders were to the feedback they gave us. We gathered afterwards to chat about what our 3rd graders were going to try next Glows/Grows conference.

We look forward to going to visit Mr. Scott's class in a few weeks to hear their Fantasy Fiction pieces.

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