Battle of Ticonderoga



The American Revolution lasted from 1775 until 1783. The first shots were fired from Lexington, Massachusetts. The colonists were divided between Patriots and Loyalists. Before the United States and Great Britain signed the treaty of Paris officially ending the war, there were many battles fought. One of the battles that was important during the struggle for American Independence was the battle of Ticonderoga. General Arthur St Clair was the leader who led his troops to victory and an interesting fact about this battle was that there were two battles.


The battle that was important during the struggle for American Independence that I'm writing about is the Battle of Ticonderoga. This battle took place at Lake Champlain in northeastern New York. The date of my battle was July 6, 1777. The generals in this battle were General Arthur St. Clair and General John Burgoyne. They were both leaders of the troops. The battle of Ticonderoga was hard during the fight for American Independence.


General Arthur St. Clair was the leader that led his American troops to victory in the battle of Ticonderoga. He was born on March 23, 1737 in The United Kingdom. He was an American soldier and politician. He served in the French and Indian War before settling in Pennsylvania where he held local office. Arthur St. Clair didn't just win the Battle of Ticonderoga he did a lot of other good things to


An interesting fact about this battle is that there were two Battles of Ticonderoga. This other battle happened on May 10, 1775. The generals for this battle was General John Burgoyne and General Arthur St. Clair. The location was at Lake Champlain in northeastern New York. Even though there was another battle on May 10, 1775 the last one on July 6, 1777, showed the winner.


In the Battle of Fort Ticonderoga the Americans worked hard to win. It was a very interesting but good battle for the Americans. The generals and soldiers could go home, rest, and see their families. The Battle of Ticonderoga was a good victory for the Americans. It helped get American Independence.