Friday Review

Friday, February 22, 2018

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Potential Retention Student Letters will go out Monday, 2/25. Be sure that you have updated the link sent to you via email.
  • Feb 28 - Black History Program 9:00am (We will follow the 2 hour delay schedule - see attached)
  • Counseling vlog!!! We are set to roll the new video for this Tuesday 2/26 to keep with a bi-weekly format. Please read the attached information! Mrs. Snell will stop by your classrooms during your planning on Monday to answer any questions you have.
  • Teachers, don't forget about the Cultural Art Potluck on Thursday, February 28, 2019. You may drop your item or items off in the teacher lounge. A representative will be there to help place your items out.

  • Please Note: Students who will participate in the Black History Program will practice on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday at 12:30 pm in the gym. A list is forthcoming via e-mail.

  • Support Staff and Electives: Please find classrooms and groups of students that may cause behaviors during the assembly and sit with them. Staff members should not sit isolated from students and/or stand at the gym entrance doors during assemblies. Thanks for your help with this matter.
  • Please know that it is required that teachers show the every other week counseling sessions found online.
  • Progress Reports go home - Thursday, Feb 28
  • MATH TEACHERS: Don't forget co-teaching session Wednesday, Feb 27th.
  • REQUIRED: STEAM Parent Night March 14th, 6:00-7:30pm All staff members are required to attend. Students will enjoy steam related activities, food, fun and prizes. Also, the AIG parent interest meeting for rising 5th graders.
  • Save the date: Monday, March 4th - Staff Meeting
  • Please wish Xander Furs, 8th Grade Student, good luck as he competes as the Scotland County Schools' Rep at the Charlotte Observer Regional Spelling Bee on Monday, Feb. 25th.
  • Reminder of Board Policy 3400 concerning evaluation of student progress. The grade that the student receives should be entered initially; thus, entering a grade of a 50 at the end of the nine weeks as the report card grade. Progress reports should reflect the actual average at that point in the quarter. Grades should be updated weekly by teachers.
  • ELA/English teachers: The link below are standards based question stems for K-12 ELA. These question stems are directly aligned to the ELA standards, at the level of rigor of the standards, and mirror state testing questions. It is the expectation that teachers are integrating these question stems into their lesson planning (HOT questions, assessment prompts, learning activities, and assignments).

  • ELA/English teachers: New Resources Added to the Virtual Implementation Kit (VIK)! Located Under "Standards Based Resources" Based on feedback from our stakeholders, two new resources have been added to theVIK: Standards-Based Question Stems and Standards-Based Sentence Frames! Along with these new resources, additionalVIK Cards explaining the resources and their purposes have been added to the existing VIK Card set. Read more about these resources below.

  • Middle School Math Teachers:
    • Training will be provided for middle school math teachers. All trainings will be held at the Cumberland County ERC, 396 Elementary Dr., Fayetteville, NC. Please carpool. C&I will pay for substitutes, please submit payment requests for substitutes to Belinda Mack.
    • 6th grade - Wednesday, March 27, 9:00-4:00

    • 7th grade - Thursday, March 28, 9:00-4:00

    • 8th grade - Friday, March 29, 9:00-4:00

  • SHMS Career Fair - March 28th (8th Grade Students)
  • 8th Graders Visit SHS and Richmond Community College - March 29th

PBIS Info!

  • The PBIS team is working to rejuvenate the PBIS program at Spring Hill! We would love to hear incentives you are using in your classroom to motivate students. Please email your PBIS representative with ideas to add to our list. Be on the lookout for a list of freebie ideas to use in your classroom! Representatives include: J. Bream (electives), A. Chevalier (6th), M. Williams (7th), and K. Griswold (8th).
  • Please make sure you are updating the PBIS spreadsheet (click HERE) on a consistent basis. Our PBIS Celebration is scheduled for March 6. More information to follow.

This Week

  • Feb 25 - SIT Meeting (Bring Data)
  • February 26- CLUBS

  • February 28 - Black History Program

  • February 28 - Progress Reports

  • March 1- TLC

Looking Ahead

  • March 4 - Staff Meeting

  • March 4 - 8 National School Social Worker Week

  • March 6 - PBIS Celebration - Tech Time

  • March 8 - TLC

  • March 12 - CLUBS

  • March 13- Wacky Wednesday

  • March 14 - TLC

  • March 14 - Curriculum Night

Upcoming Testing Windows:

  • 3rd Quarter Benchmarks: March 20-April 2
  • ELA Writing Assessments April 1-18
  • 4th Common Assessment/Mock EOG April 30-May 3
  • EOGs May 24-June 7

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