Canada 2070 Assignment

What will Canada look like in 2070?

How will the demography change?

Demography would change dramatically as more people will be living in high rise buildings due to weather conditions and they will also not have too many children as expenses will be high. Therefore birth rate might just go down. The death rate will most definitely go down as people already changing their lifestyles to a more healthier one. More people are trying to exercise and workout so that they have less chances of getting sick and ending up in a hospital.This is one of the factors but several other significant factors could be interprovincial and international migration which will effect the birth rate in different provinces.
A Statistics Canada Minute - Regional Demography

What does this video mean?

This video tells a lot about the future population increase and decrease in different provinces of Canada. Contrast in population growth is associated with International immigration and Interprovincial migration, some regions have seen a significant difference in birth rates and death rates due to interprovincial migration. Hence a lot of changes have happened in recent years as compared to past 20 years.

Will the immigrants come from the same countries as today?

In my opinion that the immigrants won't come from the same countries because in the future they will make it harder to immigrate to Canada because they want more skilled workers and highly educated people. Most of the people who immigrated to Canada in the past came for labour work and weren't educated enough. Now Canada needs more educated people and engineers.
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How will the First Nation community change?

The First Nation community is changing a lot towards becoming more integrated into the regular population. The government of Canada is working in partnership with the First Nations, to build a stronger First Nation community. The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau sent the First Nation an apology letter for what our forefathers did to them.There are 617 First Nation communities in Canada and most of them are from Ontario and British Columbia. The government is working towards providing clean water to the first nation Community . It is also providing housing for the First Nations so they have shelter and a better life. Now they are striving for better jobs and more education.
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About the chart

The chart that you just saw, is about the birth rate and the death rate of males and females. On the chart you can see that there are more males than females between 0-14 and from 14-50 there are more females and if there are more females than that means more babies and higher birth rate. And after 50 years of age there are more males than females.

Challenges Canada will face in the future?

Canada's economy depends a lot on immigration and may remain so in the years to come.The biggest challenge that Canada faces now and maybe in the future too is the maintenance of peace and security. Canada needs to essentially have an anti-war government.The improvement of relations with the First Nations is the biggest responsibility that Canada faces now but will be much improved in the future. Canada will still need skilled immigrants and labour as it has immense potential of growth .If that does not happen Canada will waste vast amounts of raw land available for development, constructions and new towns.

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My life will be very different in 2070. I will be much older and i would me hard for me to go to different places so there will be luxurious cars and even automatic cars. People won't walk much they will become fatter and unhealthy. The population will increase which will cause more pollution and more global warming and my parents won't be here in this world.


I think that the birth rate will stay the same and the death rate will decrease because people are thinking of a having a better lifestyle and eat healthy. I think that the immigrants won't come from the same countries as today. The first nations are going to have a better life and the prime minister said that they will support the first nations and apologizes for what they did to them in the past. Canada now needs skilled workers who are educated and not people who do labour and then Canada will have a better future.