Koontz News

September 28, 2015

Last week...

The children learned all about Fall. What happens to the leaves, holidays in fall and sports we play or watch. In math they learned about shapes and math vocabulary that goes along with shapes. In literacy/reading they learned to buddy read by I read/you read a page or I read a page and you read the next page. In writing they continued to work on leaving spaces between words and adding a period at the end of their sentence.

This week....

In reading the children will begin to match the picture to the word. For example if they see a young horse and read colt but then look at the word and it begins with a f they will know it is not colt. The correct word is foal. In math they will learn about greater than using objects and then numbers. In science they will learn about the five senses.

Important Dates and Reminders

October 1st is picture day

October 12th is a Required Teacher Workday

October 30th is a Required Teacher Workday (This will probably be a conference day.)

Don't forget to collect box tops and if you have time sign up to work at the thrift shop!

Sight words for the week: come and in here