Sponsorships Webinar

Learn how to get your proposal read and funded!

Join Lana Moore for a Free Sponsorship Proposal Webinar

Join Lana Moore, proprietor of Moore Relations Public Relations & Marketing, for an intense 15-minute webinar on how to get your Sponsorship Proposals in the hands of key decision makers and funded!

Lana will discuss the top items that need to be in every sponsorship proposal and what you can do to spruce up your existing proposals.

Sponsorship Webinar

Saturday, July 19th, 3:30pm

This is an online event.

What to expect...

Make sure you are ready to jump into learning what it takes to get your sponsorships read and funded. Please have a pen, pad, and your favorite cup of tea or coffee ready!

Lana will go over the basics and include some extras for advanced sponsorship writers. This webinar is for anyone who has ever thought of or worked with other businesses to receive sponsorships. Even if just starting out, Lana will go over the crucial steps that most people overlook in their sponsorship proposals.

Key Topics include:

  • The power of the pitch letter
  • Adding the best value to your proposal
  • Having the proper sponsorship levels
  • How to follow up for possible future sponsorships

After this webinar, you will be ready to put the best sponsorship proposals in the hands of decision makers to get your event funded!