It is time to Make a Change

How to get started

- Set specific goals, like to exercise for a specific time period each day.
- Set daily reminders (alarms on your phone, write notes on the calendar, or do things like leaving walking shoes in your car, along with an extra gym bag with workout clothes)
-Set up a reward system that is not related to food ( like a message, a movie) when you reach your goals, and stay on track.
- exercise with a friend or family member to help motivate you.
- start slowly, don’t try to do too much right away.

A Small Fitness Fix

Little Changes to Everyday Routine

- Take the stairs instead
- Set aside 1 hour each week to exercise

- Sit on a large medicine ball

- Park farther away from your building

- Use a pedometer to track your steps, set a daily goal!

Basics You Should Know

- Always do a warm-up ( ex. a few jumping jacks, a lap around the room)
- In your workout, have a certain muscle group as your main focus (ex. a pushup focuses on pectoral and triceps
- Always do a cool-down after your exercise (ex. walking a lap, stretching again)

How to prevent injury

- Always stretch before a workout
- Wait to exercise two hours after eating
- Don't over exert your body
- Always do a warm-up and a cool-down