Brain Research: Music

Tyler Savitz

The Brain And Music

Did you know that music can help you focus? Do you know the brains of musicians are different than non-musicians? New research shows that music may enhance learning, memory, even intelligence. Students who listen to music do better on tests. The Mozart Effect is the capacity of music to improve spatial reasoning. Training in music seems to change both how the brain works and how it is built. Can music make us more intelligent? The answer, at least so far, is yes. Music should be prized as a way to boost human brainpower.

Music can help us in many ways. It can help us focus and it cheers you up. Music helps you learn. Music helps our hearing, memory and vision. Music is good because it makes you smart. German scientists found the brains of musicians are bigger than non-musicians.

Our bodies change when we listen to music. Molly Edmonds said that babies react to music. Babies know the difference between happy and sad songs. Also, children are happier in the hospital when they listen to music. There are many reasons why music is good for you.

Priscilla Ward said that music makes you feel less pain. In addition, she said music can keep you calm.

In conclusion, music can help us in many ways.

How playing an instrument benefits your brain - Anita Collins

5 To Know Before You Go

  • Music can help ease pain.
  • Music could help you focus.
  • The second study by Gottfried Schlaug found the corpus callosum grew more in the children who practiced their musical instrument every day.
  • Music elevates workout performance.
  • Music can keep you calm.

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