2B Happenings!

Working hard and having fun in 2B!

Dear 2B Family,

Thank you so much for all you do to make our Catholic School great!! We had a great week celebrating Catholic Schools!!

Next week marks the beginning of Lent, and we have our annual Mardi Gras parade, as well as Ash Wednesday Mass and Stations of the Cross.

This week in ELA

We read two different short stories about safety and emergency rooms. The annotating we've been working on in class is similar to our "Find the Evidence" homework pages that you will be seeing more often coming home now. These are great ways to encourage the students to not only read a story once, but to go back over and look for the details. We also worked hard this week on our exploded four square writing. This was only our second time really using the concept, and the kids are doing great!! They're so proud of their writing, and so am I!!! :)

Spelling Words

This week's prefix spelling words are

unhappy / retell / unsafe / repaint / unkind / reread / unlike / remake / disobey / unlock / rewrite / unused / redo / untrue / disagree

Sentences due Wednesday.

This week in Math

We've begun our unit on geometry!! The students are really enjoying this unit so far, and we're working with lots of fun manipulatives as we work through the chapter!

This week in Science

This week, with the half day and all the CSW festivities, we had a shorter science lesson than usual. We learned about the differences between man-made and natural resources, and the students created a sort activity comparing the two.

This week in Religion

Every day of Catholic Schools' Week has had a theme that we have tied to our Catholic faith! Thank you for all your support! We are blessed to come together daily in our Catholic School! We wrote letters to our local police department and to Bishop Olsen, thanking them both for our service and remembering them in our prayers. We continue with our daily decade of the rosary, and we are looking to next week and the beginning of Lent.

7th Grade Donation Drive for the Homeless Continues!!!

Thank you so much for your donations to date. The drive continues until 2/12. We have been discussing with the children how this drive is a way to live out the corporal works of mercy.

We are asked to bring Razors, Lotions, Toothpaste, Toothbrush and/or Bug Spray.

As an aside, I was told last year when working with CCFW in another capacity, that bug spray is the most requested and least donated item they receive.

Reminders from our school nurse!

A short reminder from our school nurse as the season of flu, strep, stomach bugs and all the rest is firmly upon us. Please remember and remind your students to wash their hands frequently (as they have heard me say daily, "Fronts, backs and between the fingers - soap is your friend!") and thoroughly. Also, good nutrition - lots of fruits and vegetables, and a balanced and healthy diet, is one of your best defenses!

Should your child be ill, please remember they should stay home until they have been fever, vomit, and/or diarrhea free for at least 24 hours. If you're concerned about homework or classwork in the case of a more prolonged illness, I can prepare and send work home with a sibling or have ready in the office at your convenience.