Fast Food Fast Weight!!!

Should there be fewer fastfood places. By: Wylen tolliver


Every day in America thousands of people are scarfing down fried chicken , burgers and fries why do we do this? Doing this does it help us in any way? Well I know why and why we should or should not do these things.
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How Can People Eat This?

Around 20,000 deaths are caused by fast food each year. And majority of them are because of Mcdonalds. When Mcdonalds first came out in 1955 most of the workers there said they would serve them "HEALTHY happy meals" WHAT?. Hearing that frase makes me mad because its total bullony. The reason fast food makes you obeist because of the lack of nutrions and it also has alot of fat in it .
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Were as rich as kings.

110,000,000 dollars are spent on burgers only in a year. Thats alot of money and thats not all thats only half of all the money that fast food places make because think of the other food. If all the fast food joined into one they would be billionares in only a few years of buisnes. Well do the math there are 500,000 diffrent fast food places in the globe times that bye 200,000 and there would be 100,000,000,000'dollars a year.
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Fast food schools!

Kids love fast food mostly because its addicting. Its like smoking if you start you cant stop and now kids are bringing fast food to the school. The next thing you know there might be a Mcdonals inside a school and if you get obeist as a kid youl have a life time fight. There is a way ovf stoping this addiction and its fast food resturnates that bann kids and yes I lnow they might go crazy but i'll leave you people to deal with it.
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Its what the experts say!

U.S surgeon David satcher said that most people with diabites eat to much fast food. David satcher got toghether 10 sientest and 7/10 said that fast food is one of the biggest reason's that America has the most obeist people in the world. David satcher is fighting to bann kids from fast food places.
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Fast food is not good for us at all and I hate the person who invented it but I hope I taught you how bad it is you should never eat it unless you want it but by and see you LATER!