Birth and Death info/childhood and family

Paul Revere was born on Janurary 1,1735. And died on May 10,1818. He was the son of Apollos De Revere. He was the 3rd of 12 childrenand the oldest of his fathers sons to survive into adulthood. As a young man he studied at the North Writing school in Boston. He began running the revere family silver shopat age ninteen, after his father died. On August 17,1757 he married Sarah orne and eventually fathered eight children.
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Education/Important life events

Revere attended the North Boston Writitng school between the ages of 7 and 13. Boston was known to have one of the two best schools. Paul revere depictingthe Massacre of 1770. He rode a horse to Lexington Massachusetts to warn Samuel Adams and John Handcock that british troops were marching to arrest them. paul Revere also took part in the Boston Tea party.
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Accomplishments/contributions to change

Range from acting as a silversmith, dentist, artist, and soldier, to playing an important role in political leadership, buisness, and running the first recorded Patriot Intelligence Network. And Paul Revere became a Folk Hero.

Interseting Facts

Paul Revere was a Archetypal patriot of the American Revolution. He was also know for his art. he was a French Extraction. A silversmith by trade, he sometimes worked as an Amateur dentist. He led a spy ring. well-known him is inaccurate, and also his most famous quote was fabricated.