Miss Romeo and Mrs. Henry

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English Language Arts

This month we will study the structural elements of poems, dramas, and prose. We will continue to draw inferences from texts using explicit examples and explain how the author uses reasons and evidence to support particular points in a piece of literature.


We are continuing our study of division that we began before the Thanksgiving break. Students are dividing up to four-digit dividends with one digit divisors with some quotients having remainders. The students should be able to demonstrate division strategies using place value, equations, arrays, and/or area models. Following division the students will generate a number or shape pattern based on a given rule as well as determine the rule of patterns that are given.

Dates to Remember-December is a busy month!!

*December 8-Discount Coupon books due- Remember to send the coupon book back to school even if your child did not sell any books.

*December 9-Early Release

*December 10-Interim Reports

*December 10-Silver and Gold Dance-3:00-4:15

*December 15-3rd Outer Banks payment due

*December 17-Winter Chorus Concert-6:30-7:30

*December 17-Class Holiday Celebration-see information below

Holiday Celebration

Please click the enclosed link to sign up for items for our Holiday Celebration December 17.

Early Dismissal

In light of the unexpected early dismissal this week, we strongly encourage you to review any procedures you have in place with your child. We had several children that were uncertain of phone numbers or what to do when they arrived home early. One suggestion would be to provide written information for your child that could they could use as a reference a "What to do if..." list perhaps. With winter weather approaching and the potential for early dismissal due to weather conditions, we want your children to feel comfortable knowing what they should do.