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What's Happening?

Week of December 8th!

This week at New Haven:

Hour of Code all week long!
Monday Team meetings- Looking @ math standards together
Thursday- Team Leader meeting
Friday- Faculty Christmas Celebration

Zoe Brinegar came in 2nd place for the "Don't Litter" Calendar campaign! :)
Our Lego teams did AMAZING! Got the Minds came in 3rd place overall, and 2 out of 3 of our FLL teams are going to state on Feb. 7th!

For the Good of the All:
Money: PLEASE do not send money paper clipped to a multiple receipt to the office. Use the envelope to send to the office. Double check to make sure you signed your name at the bottom.

Time Sheets / Sign-in: Finance is really buckling down on the timesheets and sign-in forms. If you are not signed in they will dock your pay. If we don't send in your timesheets you will not get paid. Finance has given deadlines to pony over the sheets, so it is very important that you either turn in your timesheet or sign-in everyday. PLEASE. I've told Cindy that we can no longer delay sending over the sheets because of one or two people.


Monday Meets- Mondays we (teams w/ Mary & Jennifer) will be meeting to discuss standards, look at work together, and plan. This week we will be looking at math standards- decomposing what they really mean, and discussing how we are meeting mastery at all levels.

Staffer of the week- Everyone deserves to be recognized for the work they do. We are all am important part of the team, and each contributes something special! Thank you for all you do! This week we want to recognize Amy Gooch for all of the hats she wears! We are pretty lucky to have such amazing people at New Haven. Enjoy the staffer of the week spot from Tuesday to Monday!

I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

Just because... everyone needs an endorphine rush!

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