The Study of Young Internet Minds

The Effects of Technology on Students

Main Purpose

Technology has helped bring the internet, which in turn has led to better education in schools. The internet has jumped started education into the next century with abundance of technology in schools. The internet has helped students to become more intelligent by giving them a wealth of information at their fingertips. With computer having an outstanding effect on the positive side and some things has been proven to be negative. With the internet being introduced in the last three decades it is still a developing use of technology. Some think it is a useless waste of time, while others find it to be a wealth of information and imagination.

German studies suggest that computers harm student’s grades. This study concluded that the students showed worse grades the more computers that are in a single home. During this study 175,000 students 15-years of age, in 31 different countries said that they were affected by over use of the computers and technology (“Are computers bad”).

The bad has been proven in a schools and businesses, but there are also great things that come from the internet. Research done by Cranfields school of Management and Northampton Business schools, claims technology has a negative effect on students. In their research they concluded that the internet has worsened spelling and concentration, encourage plagiarism and disruptive tendencies. This college tells us that the internet has just made our intelligence decline. 63% of students 11-18 felt addicted to the internet or the games that are on their computers. 39% of students, spelling, and writing get worse from texting. But in the same study they concluded that grammar used in texting has been proven not to actually effect the child’s development in grammar (“Duel Study”).

“Vanhagen’s findings, published recently in Reading and Writing, pleasantly surprised the research people with pour English,” (Duel Study) this has changed how scientists view their studies.

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