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Do You Have A DonorsChoose Project Posted? Why Not?

Do you wish you had access to more technology for your classroom? Amazing flexible seating options? Pinterest worthy classroom decor? Enough basic supplies and copy paper to make the world go round? The most dynamic and jaw-dropping classroom library? Stop spending your money- write a DonorsChoose project proposal.
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What is DonorsChoose?

Donors Choose is a crowd-funding hub that allows public-schools to request classroom materials, essential supplies or even professional development and field trips, and for people across the world to fulfill those requests. DonorsChoose helps connect the public to schools and helps lessen teacher spending by providing materials that students need to learn- making connections, and helping to fill the gap in unfunded school programs.

My Project is Live! Now What?

Promote your project on Twitter and social media. Spread the word!

  • Make sure to use #donorschoose and #bestschoolday hashtags when you share.
  • Look at Match Funding BEFORE you decide on a project. It’s an easy way to get 50% of your project funded!
  • If comfortable, share on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. Share your project with your families through email or Dojo.
  • Donors Choose gift cards make awesome Teacher Appreciation Gifts. If your PTA does anything for teachers around the holidays, suggest a DonorsChoose gift card as a gift!
  • Become a member of the many Donors Choose communities. Through these communities you’ll learn about special match codes, funding opportunities, and have the opportunity to learn from other Donors Choose pros. One to check out is Caring Classrooms on Facebook.
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