Shawndeefied Detox Diet

21 Day Affirmation Detox

Begins January 11th- January 31st 2013. Yippppiieeeee

Shawnda Dee juicing in her kitchen

"Shawndeefied Detox Diet" - Join Now ( Global Participation Welcome)
(Jan 07 2013) 21 Day Detox starts in 3 days)

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Intro: Hi I am Shawnda..... and I am in love with living life to the fullest. I produced my dream and I now have the first " 21 Day Global Hair Extension Academy" on Youtube.

I wanted to inspire others so I decided to make my whole life viral and global... So join me as I host the first "Global Affirmation Detox".

After we are done... I will personally select 5 people and help them produce their dreams too. I was inspired by "Produced by Faith"- by DeVon Frankin and this book will be the official book for the detox.

The Affirmation is Free and anyone can join us.

If you need help with selecting your resources for the challenge

( juicer/recipes/books/dvd's) You can register for only $20.13 and I will provide the full resource guide for you.

Your $20.13 also is your registration for our " Produced by Faith" grand prize at the end of the month. My entire network will assist 5 people and help them produce their dreams. We will assist with anything you need... I said anything right:)!

Register Here:

Remember this is open to anyone in the entire share your vision...

We are changing the world.

I love you all

Ill see you later on Google Hangout!


Let's Go Viral ..... 21 Days.... Let's Go!

Starts January 11th- 31st 2013

Below is the 21 Day Affirmation Detox. Join Us... Share this....

Copy and paste your tags in all your post.

Post your affirmation on Facebook, linked in,Instagram,pinterest,email,skype,lol

Add 2 of your own tags( name,business/etc)

Include any or all of the following tags : #shawndeefied #globalfaith #IAMfearless #producedbyfaith #Mydreams #30cc #30dayabs #healthyisthenewsexy #21DayH2O

January 11th Viral " Meet & Greet" - Say hello to our team

January 12th Kick off party " Vision Board Beauty Party" on Google Hangout

January 13th Tell someone you love them. Make it social.

January 14th Write down 5 short term goals

January 15th Write down 5 long term goals

January 16th I am thankful for ____________

January 17th I am appreciative for ___________

January 18th I love and accept myself.

January 19th Share how you are "Produced by Faith

January 20th Shawnda inspires me to _________

January 21st The best thing about me is __________

January 22nd Take a picture at the gym/ or post workout dvd

January 23rd Take a picture of your smoothie/juice

January 24th Share a picture of your dream car

January 25th Write down 5 fears you release from your life

January 26th I AM the creator or my reality I AM_____

January 27th Share how you are "Produced by Faith"

January 28th Take a picture of your smoothie/juice

January 29th @ someone and tell them you appreciate them

January 30th Post a picture of your future sponsors

January 31st Promote your business/dream

February 1st - ????? ( You will have to wait to find out)..... lol

You are a leader

You are a dreamer

You are a fighter

Never give up on your dream. YOU inspire a nation. YOU are the DREAM!

PS: I added some helpful links below... Check them out!:) Leave a comment below if you have any questions.

H20 Challenge

During our 21 days Detox we will have a water challenge.

The goal is to drink at least half our body weight is water.

Example: If you weigh 150lbs it is suggested to drink 75oz of water = 7 glasses

You must post pictures too..... Don't be fronting

Lets get hydrated!


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Join Us.... Let's produce our dreams

Helpful Resources Below.

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Wanna add someone...?

Add to our Healthy Lifestyle Data Base....:)

Do you know any of the following:

Hair Extension Companies

Personal Trainers

Health Nuts


Make up Artist

Work out ladies

Weight Loss Alternatives ( Garments/Wraps/Shakes) ect....

Healthy Hair Gurus

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People who juice

Motivational Leaders


Just @ them below on facebook. We want to help and inspire all.

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Healthy is the new SEXY!