Maple Grove Newsletter

November 30, 2017

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STP presents...Deck the Halls!

Friday, December 8th from 6-8 p.m. ~ Join us for a jolly night of family fun!

Games, Cake Walk, Crafts, Dancing, Raffles, Story Time and a Special Guest Appearance by Santa! Tickets can be purchased in advance for $3 each. Volunteers are needed! Click below for the ticket order form/volunteer form which are due tomorrow, December 1st. You will still be able to buy tickets at the door!

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Winter Weather on the Playground

As Winter approaches, please be aware the Maple Grove will be sending students outside for recess throughout the winter. We will only keep students inside if the wind chill temperature falls below 0 degrees. Unless it is deemed to be dangerous, students will be playing outside when it is snowing. Students who want to play on or with snow must have boots, hats, mittens/gloves, and snow pants. Students without these items will only be allowed to play on the plowed portions of the playground. THANK you in advance for your help in creating a safe, respectful and responsible playground at Maple Grove.
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School Closing Decision in Winter

First Priority: Student and staff safety is our number one priority in deciding to close school, delay the start time or announce an early release.

Making the Call: Whenever practical, the District will make the decision about closing school the night before, however when the weather conditions change (or are predicted to change) overnight it may be necessary to cancel school in the morning. School district superintendents in the Milwaukee area hold a conference call in the very early morning hours (around 4:00 am) and come to consensus about what each district is planning and what is best for the students, staff and district families. Typically a decision of this nature is made by 4:30 AM and communication to families would begin by 5:30 AM.

Criteria Used: The superintendents in the region use the NOAA’s (National Weather Service) WARNING level to determine any need to close schools for snow or cold. Clearly, there can be exceptions, but rarely have we considered closing if the forecast does not hit the actual WARNING level. For COLD weather, the WARNING level is a sustained -35 degree wind chill or lower.

The School District of Greenfield DOES NOT necessarily close its schools when Milwaukee Public Schools are closed.

Communication: Families will receive a phone call and email about any schedule adjustments, and the District website homepage posts the same information. If families DO NOT hear from us, school and activities operate as regularly scheduled.

Parent Decision: If families find conditions unsafe to send their children to school, they may keep their children home. Absences will be considered excused, BUT FAMILIES MUST CALL IN FOR THE ABSENCE TO BE EXCUSED. Please call 414-541-0600 (option 1 for the attendance line).

Make-Up Days: The district has enough additional minutes built into the calendar where make-up days would be required after two inclement weather days. Make up days would be added on to the end of the school calendar in June.

Listings of Closings: The following stations will provide listings of area closing:

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RC-Kids is a club for kids, by kids, that is open to all Greenfield youth and their parents. It promotes sportsmanship, responsibility and discipline in a fun way using Radio-Controlled (RC) cars and trucks. Don’t worry parents, you can participate too; it makes for a great bonding experience with your young son or daughter. We meet every Monday night at 6:30 to practice and have some fun in the gym. Cost is $10 for the season (September thru December) or $20 for the year. You will need a hobby grade vehicle to participate (available through the club) - more information is available by coming to the club meetings or contacting Karl Barthel at 414-899-5965.
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Holiday Treasures Gift Shop - December 15th

The Holiday Treasures Gift Shop returns to Maple Grove! Featuring...special gifts for Mom and Dad, Grandparents, Sisters and Brothers, Aunts and Uncles, friends, even pets! There are a large variety of gifts, including tools, jewelry, stuffed animals, coffee mugs, sports items and much more. Kid-friendly prices from pocket change to $10, with most gifts under $5. Gift wrapping is provided too!
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Reminder - NO Parking in the yellow zone!

Just a reminder - please do not park in the yellow zone during pick up time after school. This is for the small school buses and daycare buses that are picking up children. Thank you for your cooperation!
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Dates to Remember!

12/7 - Report cards come home

12/8 - Deck the Hall, 6:00-8:00 p.m.

12/13 - Chorus Performance, 11:00, Greenfield Community Center

12/15 - Holiday Shoppe

12/25-1/1 - Winter Break - NO SCHOOL

1/12 - Movie Night (K4-2nd grades), 6:00, Hawk House

1/15 - Portillo's Dining Out fundraiser

1/18 - STP meeting, 6:46, Learning Commons

1/26 - Movie Night (3rd - 5th grades), 6:00, Hawk House